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Software for resource planning

mobileX-Dispatch is a flexible and mature Field Service Management standard software, which digitalizes and optimizes planning and control processes in technical service and maintenance. Commissioning, damage repair and planned maintenance can be digitally mapped – also via subcontractors. The service planning solution is suitable for companies with 50 or more service technicians.


Main features of mobileX-Dispatch

Clear planning cockpit
mobileX-Dispatch shows the dispatcher all resources, the current planning overview, system messages and the worklist at a glance. He can customize his view individually and have the orders displayed as a list, calendar or Gantt chart and also on the map.
Manual planning by drag-and-drop

Based on the order information mobileX-dispatch determines the necessary skills that are required for the job. In the list of suitable technicians the dispatcher can see, who has time to do the job. The map view shows him which technician has the shortest journey to do the job.

Appointment with end customers

The module “appointment” facilitates the dispatcher the scheduling with the end customer. mobileX-Dispatch provides the dispatcher with all possible execution dates in a tabular form. The dispatcher can prioritize regarding the parameters “additional travel time”, “utilization” and “appointment”.

Planning suggestions and automatic planning
In addition to manual planning using drag and drop, resource planning is also possible in semi-automatic or even fully automatic mode. The dispatcher can “drag” service assignments directly into proposed routes on the map. With planning proposals, mobileX-Dispatch takes into account a number of parameters, such as e.g. individual work times, start and finish dates or SLAs, fixed dates, priorities, travel times, and many others.
Always on the right route

Thanks to the route optimisation function in mobileX-Dispatch, field technicians can always find the shortest route while on the road. Maintenance assignments are cleverly combined with current service incidents to find the best routes, thus drastically reducing route distances. Here mobileX-Dispatch takes into account many important planning parameters, such as start and finish dates, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), priorities, qualifications, etc.

Strategic planning in the future

For companies with a high annual volume of service calls the optional module “Scenario Generator” allows the strategic planning of resources and capacities. This can be based on historical data such as the order backlog of the last financial year to create hypothetical scenarios for the future.

Make your service the difference!


Dashboard for overview of working time

The feedback dashboard shows the technician the hours worked on a daily and weekly or monthly basis. Unaccounted times are also displayed.


Another heading

The feedback dashboard shows the technician the hours worked on a daily and weekly or monthly basis. Unaccounted times are also displayed.


Your advantages through the use of mobileX-Dispatch

Increased customer satisfaction
Faster response times, short time windows for assignments and higher punctuality enhance the service quality and thereby increase customer satisfaction.
More transparent service processes
The overview in real time creates transparency over the entire service team with regard to the utilization of technicians, their skills and job status.
Optimized resource utilization
The digital planning and route optimization ensure optimum utilization of technicians, vehicles and production tools.
Cost savings up to 20 percent
Due to the reduced planning effort and optimized use of resources, companies can save up to 20 percent of costs, in combination with mobileX-MIP for Field Service even more.

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What our customers say

Since the introduction of the field service management solution of mobileX we have a much better picture of the effectiveness of our customer service and our material and time. This has also helped us to expand our service and to serve our customer service requests faster and more reliably.

Werner-Ulrich Lange sales and customer service director at Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Using mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP for Field Service we can ensure a high service quality and contribute to continiously improve the AVL products. Media disruptions between field service technicians and back office colleagues can be minimized. Affiliates report fewer sources of error as well as less administrative work. They also can issue invoices quicker. This has also resulted in the fact that the investments in our affiliates pay off after about 18 months due to the savings.

Patrick Liegl Global Project Manager AVL Group

At the beginning of the rollout, there was a certain mistrust of the new solution. But today, the colleagues cannot imagine working without the system. Data quality has improved dramatically with the field service management system. In addition, our personnel structure has changed in the customer service. While the number of our dispatchers has hardly changed, we now have a lot more service colleagues in the field. That is, we can provide more customers with a better and faster service.

Christian Schneider Director Operations International at Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH

The introduction of mobile solutions and field service management software has helped us align the processes to the needs of our customers and has thus enhanced the quality of our customer service significantly.

Klaus Denninger Service Projektmanager at WAREMA Renkhoff SE

Moving to mobileX-Dispatch as part of the optimization of our service processes has increased the transparency in operational planning, improved data quality and significantly reduced manual processing. Our dispatchers have widely accepted the solution. With the app, the technicians can now update their status with just a few clicks.

Peter Reindl project manager at WashTec AG

The introduction of mobileX's field service management software has significantly improved the data quality and transparency of our customers' service calls and equipment. By integrating our complex material processes into digital deployment planning and order processing, we can offer our customers even more effective and better customer service.

Franziska Hölle Director Order Management at HSM GmbH and Co. KG

The functionality and interface of mobileX-Dispatch convinced us right away. In addition, a quick rollout and integration into SAP was very important to us. For us, the introduction of the solution is a strategic step towards digitalisation and standardisation of our global service processes.

Simon Stehle Manager IT ERP Systems Management at Aebi Schmidt Holding AG

We were immediately impressed by the mobile service app mobileX-CrossMIP - by its functionality and usability. It allows us to implement our requirements as far as possible in the standard. In addition, the mobileX team completely convinced us with their consulting and industry experience.

Jörn Maas IT Manager at DENIOS AG

The mobile, paperless reporting led to a considerable increase in efficiency. In addition, our warehouse management has benefited a lot from the introduction of mobileX's solutions. We now have transparency over all parts in the vehicle warehouses. Inventory is much easier and saves us a lot of time and money. In addition, we can use the mobile solutions to store service reports with customer signatures in an audit-proof manner. The multilingual nature of the solutions benefits both our employees and our customers.

Thomas Buser IT project manager at Securiton AG

The Group-wide introduction of S/4HANA Service and the joint use of mobileX solutions at KOCH Pac-Systeme and Uhlmann are an important step towards system harmonisation at the Uhlmann Group. We also want to further optimise our customer service through the digitalisation of service processes.

Klaus Kramer Member of the overall project management in the KOCH S/4HANA project at Uhlmann Holding

We are delighted that we will now be able to consistently map the order cycle with the modern and future-proof solutions mobileX-Dispatch und mobileX-MIP for Field Service. By introducing the digital forms, we hope to improve the quality of the technical data on our facilities and networks. This will allow us to have an even more efficient condition assessment and reliable operation for our customers

Benjamin Weisbrod project manager at bnNETZE GmbH

The use of Dynamic Forms in DREWAG's mobile maintenance has significantly improved transparency and the flow of information, increased productivity and optimized data quality

Bernd Fischer IT project manager at Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

After only one year we had already achieved the objectives of the WFM system. This includes structural effects such as the introduction of centralized work preparation and scheduling in our nine dispatching centers and the reduction of distribution times. Other important gains for us are the unprecedented transparency of work tasks for the management and the automatic invoicing of all related work orders.

Dr. Jan Gerber WFM-project manager at ENSO NETZ GmbH

By introducing mobileX-Dispatch we were able to significantly improve the workload of our field service technicians. This gives us about one more man-year of capacity. We can now process orders ourselves that we previously had to hand over to external companies. In addition, the quality of the order data, which we distribute to the technicians via mobileX-Dispatch, has improved and there are fewer telephone enquiries.

Markus Binkert Leiter Pool Netzservices bei CKW

The use of the scheduling solution has significantly improved transparency in planning. The technicians now no longer have to come to the office to pick up their orders. The mobile solution and the digitization of documents, as well as the control provided by the Confirmation Center, have also noticeably increased the quality of our data.

Giorgio Buzzi Program Manager at AIL

Despite a very tight schedule for implementation and rollout the launch of the project went smoothly, particularly with the extensive technical requirements. Our service staff are now relieved of administrative tasks and we can realize many supplements for additional value creation.

Nils Michaelsen Director IT applications at Pluradent

The planning of the service technicians with Excel tables wouldn’t be possible anymore to this extent. With the launch of mobileX-Dispatch we have certainly increased the efficiency of our operational planning. The central control system also enabled us to dissolve the territorial boundaries according to postal codes and to introduce an optimized route planning. Our service technicians can now finally concentrate on their actual task, which is the device maintenance at the patient’s home.

Imke Stoltenberg head of IT-system development at VitalAire GmbH

The mobile solutions an field service management software not only allows a precise management of field technicians, but has also resulted in optimized processes along the entire value chain through order processing without media interruptions. This digitization also creates a high potential for downstream process improvements in commercial and logistic areas. In addition, the new system offers a higher transparency of our service processes.

Timo Botzenhardt project manager at M-net Telekommunikations GmbH

The introduction of mobileX-Dispatch has significantly improved the process of the operational planning for us. Thanks to the “bidirectional interface” the customer service and dispatching team now have the same view on the available resources. This way, we can offer our customers a faster and better service.

Markus Henn project manager for the introduction of mobileX-Dispatch at Simon Hegele

"With mobileX-CrossMIP and mobileX-CrossForms, we want to significantly improve the quality of feedback from our service technicians and thus our data quality."

Renz Burkert project manager at Triathlon Holding GmbH
Tech spec

Technical specifications

mobileX-Dispatch can be easily integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. These are often SAP CS, SAP CRM and S/4HANA Service – but also other ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.

mobileX-Dispatch can either be integrated natively in SAP through our certified SAP Add-On, an MS SQL or Oracle database or via web services in other backend systems. We also cooperate with partners when it comes to creating new interfaces for new processes.

mobileX-Diapatch is a standard software that adapts to your individual requirements. The modular design of the solution offers the opportunity to closely track your use cases and mobile processes. If changes in your corporate structure or your processes occur, mobileX-Diapatch adapts flexibly.

mobileX-Dispatch is available as an on-premise solution, both independently or integrated into your backend systems. Also a SaaS deployment is possible.

mobileX-Dispatch enables easy integration of third party applications such as GIS systems, positioning systems or subcontractors. Our extensive partner network expands and complements our portfolio of solutions to best reflect your service process.

On request we can send you our system requirements or architecture.