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Field service management for companies in the energy and utility sectors

The energy and utilities industry is undergoing profound change. The switch to renewable energies and decentralized energy supply will keep the industry busy for decades to come.

Closely connected with this is the expansion of infrastructure. Regional differences as well as fluctuations in the generation of renewable energies make the transmission and storage of electricity one of the greatest challenges with regard to the future viability of the power grid.

The increasing, transnational competitive pressure – also due to new players and lateral entrants into the energy market – poses new challenges for the industry with regard to the maintenance and service of end customers. From power generation to the consumer, the networks and facilities must be optimally maintained in order to ensure a reliable supply at acceptable costs.

In addition, digitalization is already in full swing in the metering sector with the Smart Meter Rollout. The conversion from manual, paper-based processes to digital processes with the help of software and mobile hardware sets the course for reliable network operation in the future.

The Field Service Management software of mobileX supports utilities in the digital deployment planning of their own and external resources – be it in the construction and maintenance of networks or in metering. This includes all divisions and energy sources. Route optimisation helps to keep the trips and routes as short as possible in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

mobile solution or app enables on-site access to all order data as well as the direct creation of feedback via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Digital checklists and forms support the maintenance and servicing of plants and networks and make an important contribution to the end-to-end digitalisation of maintenance processes.

Industry experience

The Field Service Management solutions of mobileX are used by municipal utilities, energy suppliers, transmission network operators or energy service providers with about 50 resources or more. Here you will find an overview of the most important industries of our customers.

Public utilities and regional energy suppliers

Transmission system operators

Transmission system operator

Energy service provider

EV charging industry

With the introduction of mobileX-MIP for Field Service, we now have a future-proof mobile solution for our technicians, which definitely offers advantages in usability compared to our old solution. In addition, the Dynamic Forms extension is a very important feature for us, as it allows us to digitize our existing paper forms and then dynamically modify and extend them. This offers us great potential in terms of improving data quality and cost savings in data entry. Another major advantage is that data is no longer lost if a computer is defective, because it is stored on the mobileX-MIP server.

Stephan Marks Central Operations Service, OGE

We are delighted that we will now be able to consistently map the order cycle with the modern and future-proof solutions mobileX-Dispatch und mobileX-MIP for Field Service. By introducing the digital forms, we hope to improve the quality of the technical data on our facilities and networks. This will allow us to have an even more efficient condition assessment and reliable operation for our customers

Benjamin Weisbrod project manager at bnNETZE GmbH

We have explained the advantages of the system in tailor-made training courses to the employees and incorporated their feedback and suggestions. Thus, the 180 users have accepted the MIP software and view it as sensible. The good experience made by all involved parties has also had a positive effect on the topics of networking and digitization of the work as a whole.

Marc Obenauer project manager at MVV Netze

The use of Dynamic Forms in DREWAG's mobile maintenance has significantly improved transparency and the flow of information, increased productivity and optimized data quality

Bernd Fischer IT project manager at Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

After only one year we had already achieved the objectives of the WFM system. This includes structural effects such as the introduction of centralized work preparation and scheduling in our nine dispatching centers and the reduction of distribution times. Other important gains for us are the unprecedented transparency of work tasks for the management and the automatic invoicing of all related work orders.

Dr. Jan Gerber WFM-project manager at ENSO NETZ GmbH

By introducing mobileX-Dispatch we were able to significantly improve the workload of our field service technicians. This gives us about one more man-year of capacity. We can now process orders ourselves that we previously had to hand over to external companies. In addition, the quality of the order data, which we distribute to the technicians via mobileX-Dispatch, has improved and there are fewer telephone enquiries.

Markus Binkert Leiter Pool Netzservices bei CKW

The use of the scheduling solution has significantly improved transparency in planning. The technicians now no longer have to come to the office to pick up their orders. The mobile solution and the digitization of documents, as well as the control provided by the Confirmation Center, have also noticeably increased the quality of our data.

Giorgio Buzzi Program Manager at AIL