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Cloud platform for the digitalisation of your service and maintenance processes


With our subscription model, you can get started quickly and without an integration project. The interface of the mobileX-ServicePlatform is intuitive and user-friendly. The cloud solution connects all parties involved and digitally maps all relevant processes.

The mobileX-ServicePlatform is the perfect solution for the fast and flexible digitization of your service and maintenance processes.

With mobileX-ServicePlatform

  • you improve your service quality!
  • you increase the productivity of your employees!
  • you improve your data quality!
  • you shorten your billing cycles!
  • you increase the satisfaction of your customers!
Digital process throughout
A complete solution for the digital processing of your orders – from order creation to scheduling of technicians, order processing on site to documentation
One platform for all
A platform that connects all stakeholders – your dispatchers, technicians, service and maintenance managers, subcontractors
Easy to use
An intuitive, user-friendly interface – so your employees can get started right away without training! Any time, anywhere and with any device!

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Your advantage by using the mobileX-ServicePlatform

Flexible Arbeitszeiten
Quick onboarding and easy application
With the mobileX-ServicePlatform you can get started in a few days! With our data import and export you save time for a complex integration project in backend systems.
Ideal for smaller subsidiaries and subcontractors
The mobileX-ServicePlatform is particularly suitable for smaller subsidiaries and subcontractors. It allows service and maintenance processes to be easily integrated and digitised even beyond company boundaries.
Operation and support by mobileX
You sit back – we take care of the operation and support of the mobileX ServicePlatform. This allows you to concentrate fully on your professional processes.
Manageable costs
With our subscription model per month and user, you know exactly what costs you have to expect. This saves you investments in the purchase of licences, server infrastructure, updates, operation and maintenance.
Flexible use and scalability
The mobileX-ServicePlatform adapts to your needs. You can adjust the number of your users to changes in your company.
Individual adaptability
With our mobileX-Plugins module (planned for Q4 2022 for mobileX-ServicePlaform), you can adapt the mobile app interface, use cases and processes to your individual needs.
Security of your data
The mobileX-ServicePlatform is a SaaS solution based on Microsoft Azure. Your data is stored in a data centre in Western Europe that is subject to European data protection guidelines.
High availability
The mobileX-ServicePlatform offers very high availability. The data centre has multiple redundant connections to various internet backbones and thus ensures a very high level of reliability for your data and applications.

The mobileX-ServicePlatform supports different roles

Your dispatchers

With our clear cloud solution, dispatchers plan the assignments of their field technicians or maintenance staff. They manage customer data, resources and technical objects. They always keep track of the current status and receive feedback on the orders. mobileX-DispatchX offers the following main features:

  • Planning board
  • Planning with map
  • Operation list, details and history
  • Ressource details with qualifications
  • Products (equipment and material)
  • Comprehensive search and filters
  • AI supported data import in different formats (XLS, CSV, JSON, TSV)

Your service technicians or maintenance staff

Our intuitive mobile app for smartphones and tablets supports field service technicians and maintenance staff in order processing on site. You can download the app in all three app stores. mobileX-CrossMIP for ServicePlatform offers the following main features:

  • Notifications (push messages)
  • Task list and details
  • Status change
  • Feedback (times, texts, documents, images, material) und check lists
  • Service reports with customer signature
  • Daily reports on order and non-order related times
  • Local orders
  • Offline capability

Your subcontractors

The mobileX-ServicePlatform is also suitable for your subcontractors. This makes it easy to integrate and digitize field service and maintenance processes even beyond company boundaries:

  • Uniform, digital documentation (service reports, forms)
  • Structured feedback on operations

Map display in mobileX-DispatchX

The map display shows all scheduled operations. The icons symbolize the status of the respective operation.

Planning board mobileX-DispatchX

The planning board gives a graphical overview of the planned operations. In the upper part of the planning board the desired time display can be set, in the left area the resources for the operations are displayed. As a dispatcher, you always see the resources assigned to each.

Operation list in mobileX-DispatchX

In the operation list, the dispatcher sees all his operations, which he can filter and arrange according to various criteria such as status, priority or operation number.

Transaction details with map

The transaction details contain all information as well as the display of the address of the transaction in the map.


What our customers say

With a focus on our requirements, the flexibility of mobileX absolutely convinced us compared to other providers. The mobileX ServicePlatform is a perfect match for us, as this solution can grow with the expansion of our service business and our requirements.

Sebastian Harz Head of Technical Service After Sales & Service Gangway Systems Railways at HÜBNER