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Field service management and mainteneance software in different industries

Our solutions are suitable for medium-sized and large companies in various industries with 50 or more resources. These include in particular manufacturing, energy supply, medical and health care, facility management, IT and telecommunications. But our customers also include companies from other sectors such as logistics, construction and the food industry.

Industry expertise
In our solutions lie many years of experience from various industries, which is reflected in specific industry solutions partially.
Flexible size
Our solutions are suitable for the upper midsize market and large companies with about ten or more dispatchers and 50 to several thousand field engineers or technicians.
In international use our solutions have proven themselves in a variety of languages and country versions for years.

Industries that benefit from Field Service Management solutions


There are two areas in manufacturing in which companies can use Field Service Management software: in the servicing of their customers’ plants and machines and in the maintenance of their own plants and machines (asset management).

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Energy suppliers and municipal utilities have a complex network infrastructure. Field Service Management solutions support utilities in the construction and maintenance of their networks and in metering.

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In the medical and health sector, Field Service Management can support both the maintenance of medical device production and customer service. In doing so, strict regulations and hygiene rules must be observed.

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Facility Management

In the area of facility management, maintenance personnel must maintain or suppress a large number of objects with a wide variety of systems. With digital solutions for resource planning and order processing, companies can design their service processes in a cost-saving and profitable way.

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IT + Telecommunications

Field Service Management supports companies from the IT and telecommunications sectors in the construction and maintenance of communication networks as well as in customer service. A high level of customer satisfaction and the cost-effectiveness of service assignments play a major role here.

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Unsere Field Service Management-Lösungen

Software zur Einsatzplanung

Mobile Lösungen für Service und Instandhaltung


  • Optimierte Einsatzplanung
  • Grafische Auftragsdisposition
  • Skillmatching
  • Kartendarstellung
  • Integration von Subunternehmern


  • Auftragsdaten mit Historie, Dokumenten
  • Zeit- und Materialrückmeldung
  • Checklisten und Serviceberichte
  • Integrierte Offboard-Navigation
  • Mobile Reisekostenerfassung