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Field Service Management for companies in the medical and health sector

The technical service in the field of medicine and health has to face high challenges every day. Strict regulations, hygiene regulations and sensitive customer data make the deployment planning and use of medical technicians in hospitals, medical practices and care particularly critical.

Speed and reliability play a special role here, especially when it comes to emergencies and repairs of medical equipment or the provision of patients with essential aids or other services.

When planning operations in the medical and health care sector, dispatchers must take into account strict requirements regarding the qualifications of technicians, such as certifications for certain equipment.

For on-site technicians, the offline capability of a mobile solution is essential for use in sensitive areas of hospitals and medical practices. A reliable Field Service Management system supports dispatchers and medical technicians in this respect.

Industry experience

The Field Service Management solutions of mobileX are used by medium-sized and large companies in the field of medicine and health from 50 resources. Here you will find an overview of the most important industries of our customers.

Specialist dental trade

Sterile processing

Respiratory home therapy

Medical Technology

Despite a very tight schedule for implementation and rollout the launch of the project went smoothly, particularly with the extensive technical requirements. Our service staff are now relieved of administrative tasks and we can realize many supplements for additional value creation.

Nils Michaelsen Director IT applications at Pluradent

By using mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the data quality of our installed base has improved significantly. Also the processing times of orders from deployment, feedback and service report to invoicing have been reduced. Without mobileX, we would definitely not be able to offer the kind of good customer service we have now.

Katrin Schreiber Head of Customer Service Dispatching at MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH

The planning of the service technicians with Excel tables wouldn’t be possible anymore to this extent. With the launch of mobileX-Dispatch we have certainly increased the efficiency of our operational planning. The central control system also enabled us to dissolve the territorial boundaries according to postal codes and to introduce an optimized route planning. Our service technicians can now finally concentrate on their actual task, which is the device maintenance at the patient’s home.

Imke Stoltenberg head of IT-system development at VitalAire GmbH

By digitizing our maintenance processes, we have been able to significantly increase productivity in mobile maintenance at our plant in Hamburg. In this way, we also ensure that machine downtimes are kept as short as possible or that equipment does not break down in the first place thanks to planned maintenance.

Ingo-Marcel Klatt IT Application Consultant SAP QM & PM at Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe