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Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Melitta Coffee Professional Solutions is part of the Melitta Group and the specialist for professional coffee supply in the catering and hotel industry. The company owns the Swiss Cafina AG and has subsidiaries in Austria, France, the Netherlands and United States, Britain, Japan and partners worldwide. For the maintenance and repair of Melitta coffee machines the company’s own customer service provides a service 365 days a year.

Transition to a field service management system

By 2006, the service engineers received their orders from a graphical planning solution via push mail. The feedback was carried out by MDE and handwritten service reports.

In order to optimize the processes in customer service and make it more transparent, the company decided in 2006 to introduce mobile solutions and a field service management system in Germany. The seamless integration into SAP ERP CS was key to the selection of the appropriate solution. The decision was therefore on the graphical planning solution mobileX-Dispatch and the mobile solution mobileX-MIP for Field Service of mobileX.

Region wise rollout in Europe

In 2007 the rollout of the solution in Germany began. mobileX-Dispatch replaced since order routing via push mail and shows the dispatchers at headquarters in Minden the status of the German service technicians as well as open orders and messages in a Gantt chart. In addition, the system provides information on the daily workload, qualifications and the carried material of the technician along with the itinerary via map display. So the dispatcher sees at a glance which service technician is best suited for each job.

High quality coffee pleasure thanks to high quality service

Since the introduction of the new software, the field service technicians use notebooks on which they receive their orders after the assignment by the disposition in the mobile solution mobileX-MIP for Field Service. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the technicians could easily use the solution already after one day’s training.

Through the field service management system also their working day has changed. The technicians get online all job-related information. Thus they can also access offline all job data, including messages, documents or the service history and enter their feedback. The customer service jobs at Melitta Coffee Professional Solutions consist of two categories: fixed dates or appointments with a predetermined execution period which the technicians plan themselves. Since the disposition department is not manned at weekends, a dispatcher used to take on the allocation of jobs to his colleagues from home these days. Since 2015, the order acceptance on the weekends by the technicians and the disposition on SAP and mobileX is fully automatic.

With mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the service technician has the possibility to reorder material for his vehicle stock or a second stock from the central warehouse. The rapid flow of information to the leading SAP system ensures that the most common spare parts are always in stock and second call outs remain the exception. After completing his job, the technician creates the service report on his laptop. The customer acknowledges this with his signature on a Signo pad. The data is transferred directly to SAP CS. If no errors or discrepancies occur during the internal plausibility check, the service report will be billed automatically. In case of doubt or questions regarding goodwill or guarantee a manual check by the order processing takes place.

After the successful launch in Germany, the rollout followed in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Austria. Here, the field service management system also supports different languages. The respective national companies plan and control their technicians from their own offices.

Cost-benefit analysis

With the introduction of mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-Dispatch Melitta Coffee Professional Solutions was able to optimize processes in customer service and create more cost transparency.


The number of customers of Melitta Coffee Professional Solutions and thus the need for after-sales services for professional coffee supply in the catering and hotel industry is increasing year by year. Consequently, more and more branches will introduce an use the field service management solutions by mobileX. So the rollout to the UK is planned next.

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Since the introduction of the field service management solution of mobileX we have a much better picture of the effectiveness of our customer service and our material and time. This has also helped us to expand our service and to serve our customer service requests faster and more reliably.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions company film

The specialist for professional coffee preparation in catering, hospitality, and hotels, Melitta SystemService is part of the Melitta Group and reported revenue in 2012 of €134 million. The company’s international customer service division offers 24-hour service for service and repairs of Melitta coffee makers.

Minden-based Melitta SystemService includes the Swiss company Cafina AG as well as subsidiaries in Austria, France, the Netherlands, USA, Great Britain, and Japan, along with sales partners around the world.