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mobileX has won DENIOS AG as a new customer for mobileX-CrossMIP, the mobile service app, and for mobileX-Dispatch, the tool for digital deployment planning. DENIOS is an international specialist for hazardous materials storage, handling, occupational safety and industrial supplies. With the introduction of the solutions, the company wants to digitalise its service processes in deployment planning and order processing. This should make the entire process more efficient and eliminate manual procedures such as the transmission of service reports.

Until now, the fitters received their orders by mail. After completing their work, they filled out their work reports via another app. The processed PDF was then sent back to the office staff by email, who manually transferred the data into SAP. With 50 service reports per week, the effort for the transfer amounted to a total of eight hours. In order to optimise this and other manual processes in the service area, DENIOS started looking for a mobile solution for order processing and digital deployment planning in 2020. At the beginning of 2021, the company decided on the mobileX solutions. The decisive factors were the precise fit of the functionality to the requirements of DENIOS and the industry experience of mobileX.

The project started in April. The integration of the Field Service Management solutions in SAP S4/HANA will take place with the Compatibility Pack. The go-live of mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-CrossMIP is planned for the end of July.

DENIOS is the leading manufacturer and provider of products and services for operational environmental protection and safety in the workplace. Legally compliant products, solutions and individual services for dealing with hazardous substances are just as much our passion as the protection of natural resources.