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Securiton: Security around the clock thanks to digital service processes

The Swiss Securiton AG is the leading provider of security technology and systems in Switzerland and specializes in the installation and maintenance of alarm systems and security systems in the areas of fire protection, intrusion protection, access control, video surveillance, security control systems and mobile property protection. 275 technicians are available to customers around the clock for installation and commissioning in system construction and for inspection, maintenance and repair in customer service.

Technician of Securiton

Digitization and standardization of order processing

Until 2019, technicians received their orders as a form or email and filled out their service reports on paper at the customer site. The reports then had to be transferred from the office to SAP PS and CS for further processing and billing. This process was error-prone and lengthy.

In order to standardize and digitize the service processes in the four language regions of Switzerland, improve data quality, transparency and plannability, and optimize the utilization of service technicians, Securiton first evaluated various field service management solutions.

The decision was finally made in favor of mobileX because the mobile solutions can be used for laptops and cell phones and can be integrated into SAP PS and CS. Another important criterion was the mobileX release monitor, which is used to check the technicians’ digital feedback for correctness before it is posted in SAP.

Rollout in four language regions

Pilot operations started in August 2019 with the largest office in Bern. The rollout in all language regions and in the eight main branches took place from February 2020. The training of technicians and dispatchers first took place on site. A power user concept was also used, with experienced employees instructing their colleagues from other branches. In addition, there were many smaller snapshot courses on specific questions about Microsoft Teams.

Securiton’s dispatchers now plan the service technicians’ deployments using the deployment planning tool, mobileX-Dispatch. This involves installations and commissioning in plant construction as well as inspections, maintenance and repairs in customer service.

Pool orders are also used for orders with maintenance. In this case, the dispatcher distributes the order to a specific team. A service technician who has time and is nearby can take on the job and make an appointment with the customer to carry it out. This promotes the personal responsibility and motivation of the technicians and also avoids idle time.

Mobile order processing with smartphone and laptop

Since 2020, the 275 service technicians have been using the mobileX-CrossMIP app on iOS and Android and mobileX-MIP for Field Service on Windows notebooks for mobile order processing and documentation. These notebooks are connected to the hazard detection system on site at the customer’s location via an interface in order to configure and service it.

The technicians use the app for order processing (status changes, confirmations, service reports) and materials management (material consumption, transfers, returns and inventory). In doing so, the technicians can switch between the three language versions in German, French and Italian and, for example, display the service report to the customer in his native language.

In mobileX-MIP for Field Service on their notebook, they can also create new orders and generate their daily reports. They can also use it to request their vacation.

All feedback and service reports run into the mobileX release monitor, where they are checked by the office staff before being posted and invoiced. This avoids incorrect bookings and time-consuming cancellations in the ERP (SAP R/3).

Transparent warehouse management and multilingual use

After almost two years of use, Thomas Buser, IT project manager at Securiton AG, draws a positive conclusion of the project: “The mobile, paperless reporting led to a considerable increase in efficiency. In addition, our warehouse management has benefited a lot from the introduction of mobileX’s solutions. We now have transparency over all parts in the vehicle warehouses. Inventory is much easier and saves us a lot of time and money. In addition, we can use the mobile solutions to store service reports with customer signatures in an audit-proof manner. The multilingual nature of the solutions benefits both our employees and our customers.”


The migration to version 10 of the Field Service Management Suite of mobileX is planned for the next few years.

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Securiton AG Alarm and security systems

Securiton AG is part of the Securitas Group Switzerland and since its founding in 1948 has been entirely dedicated to technical security. With her pioneering spirit and foresight, she has since become a well-known specialist for sophisticated safety. The long-term partnerships with customers, consultants and authorities are a sign of confidence in comprehensive know-how and quality. Today, Securiton plans, builds and maintains installations for the security industry and defense technology – in Switzerland and worldwide. As a competent consultant and recognized installer, Securiton offers a wide range of security systems in the areas of fire protection, burglary protection, raid detection, personal security, access control, video surveillance, object and perimeter protection.