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The optional extensions for our standard products mobileX-Dispatch, mobileX-CrossMIP and mobileX-MIP for Field Service enable companies to further increase the application benefits for their employees and customers.

Extensions to mobile solutions and resource planning



With the mobileX-Plugins module, customers of mobileX can easily adapt the mobile app mobileX-CrossMIP to their individual requirements themselves.

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Forms for mobileX-CrossMIP

To map forms in mobileX-CrossMIP, mobileX offers two options: mobileX-PDF Forms for existing, digital, static forms in PDF format on larger displays and mobileX-CrossForms for new, dynamic, individual forms on smaller displays.

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Intelligente Formulare

mobileX-Release Monitor for mobileX-MIP and mobileX-CrossMIP

With the mobileX-Release Monitor for mobileX-CrossMIP and mobileX-MIP for Field Service, cancellations of incorrect entries in SAP can be avoided. This saves your back office team a lot of time and effort.

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mobileX-Travel Expense Manager

mobileX-Travel Expense Manager in mobileX-MIP

The mobileX-Travel Expense Manager in mobileX-MIP for Field Service simplifies and accelerates the recording of receipts while on the road. The recorded data is controlled and processed further in transaction PR05 “SAP Travel Expense Manager”.

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Disponent bei der Arbeit

mobileX-Optimizer – the automatic dispatching in mobileX-Dispatch

In addition to manual planning via drag-and-drop, dispatchers can also use the automatic dispatching in mobileX-Dispatch, the mobileX-Optimizer, when planning the assignments of their technicians.

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Vom Papierformular zum Tablet

mobileX-Dynamic Forms for mobileX-MIP

With the mobileX-Dynamic Forms for mobileX-MIP for Field Service extension, you can digitally convert any number of paper forms. With the report designer you can even design your individual layout including logo.

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mobileX-Scenario Generator-

mobileX-Scenario Generator for mobileX-Dispatch

The mobileX-Scenario Generator enables the strategic planning of resources and capacities in the future. Thus, companies are best prepared for future developments.

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