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Pluradent is a leading dental trade company with a comprehensive range of services. In addition to individual counseling, materials, equipment, planning and interior design, the company offers quality at the highest level in the field of technical service. Since 2011 Pluradent counts on field service management software and mobile solutions for more than 240 technicians. Using these solutions, the process cycle times and costs could be reduced as well as the completion rate of first calls increased.

Better service - for dental practices and patients

Before the introduction of the mobile solutions and field service management software, the 35 dispatchers in the operational planning at Pluradent still worked with lists and appointment books. The service orders were printed and filled in by the technicians manually. After order completion the service reports were passed on to the back office team for further processing. This resulted in long lead times and frequent queries.
The heterogeneous and decentralized user structure made it difficult, moreover, to provide the corporate management with the necessary information in a complete, accurate, timely and locally independent way.

With the field service management software mobileX-Dispatch dispatchers now have anytime access to a list of open orders with the latest status. The software guarantees a consistent utilization of technicians.

The scheduling tool assigns the job to a competent and available service engineer who obtains the job data via mobileX-MIP for Field Service. On his laptop he has access to all relevant information on the job and can send reports directly to the back office. If the technician determines on site that next to his actual job another service is still necessary because, for example, another device is damaged, it can create a local job on site.

The material logistics has changed radically with the introduction of the mobile solution and the field service management: The evening courier provides the technician with the required material for the day directly to the vehicle stock. This saves the trip to the office, and the technician can drive straight to the first appointment in the morning.

As a manufacturer of dental equipment the evaluation of defective products is important for Pluradent to settle these with the manufacturer or to negotiate. To this end, the technician can create so-called QM messages via an input mask in mobileX-MIP.


With the introduction of the mobile solutions and field service management software Pluradent could shorten lead times of service orders from more than a week to a few days. Furthermore, a higher technician utilization was achieved and the proportion of billable services could be increased.

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Despite a very tight schedule for implementation and rollout the launch of the project went smoothly, particularly with the extensive technical requirements. Our service staff are now relieved of administrative tasks and we can realize many supplements for additional value creation.

With over 40 offices and a nationwide workforce of around one thousand employees, Pluradent is a leading dental specialist for dental products and services in Germany. The dental supply specialist provides materials, equipment, and teeth to dentists, dental clinics and labs and offers a full range of services.