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Field service management for the EV charging industry

The rapid development of electromobility is constantly presenting Charge Point Operators with new challenges. Efficient management of service and maintenance work is crucial to ensure high availability and reliability of the charging infrastructure. Failures or malfunctions quickly lead to dissatisfaction among users.

Almost 500,000 new electric cars were registered in Germany in both 2022 and 2023 (source: Statista). With the increasing number of electric vehicles, the network of charging stations is also growing, which increases the complexity of management and maintenance.

In addition, the constant development of e-mobility technology requires regular updates and adjustments to the hardware and software at the charging stations. However, Charge Point Operators should not only rely on state-of-the-art technology for their charging stations: Modern field service management software saves time and money when installing, maintaining and repairing charging stations and wallboxes.

The Field Service Management software from mobileX supports Charge Point Operators in managing the work of their field service technicians.


At the heart of the field service management software, digital resource planning ensures efficient scheduling and optimized resource deployment. Route optimization helps to keep journeys and walking distances as short as possible in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

A mobile solution or app enables on-site access to all order data and the direct creation of feedback via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Digital checklists and forms support service technicians in their work.


What the Field Service Management solution from mobileX offers

Manual planning
Based on the job information, the scheduling system mobileX-Dispatch determines the qualifications required to carry out the job. In the list of suitable technicians, the dispatcher can see who has the time to carry out the job. The map display also shows him which technician has the shortest journey.
Automatic resource planning
In addition to manual scheduling, semi-automatic or fully automatic scheduling is also possible. The dispatcher can either define a specific period and only selected orders for optimization or have all existing orders scheduled using the fully automatic function.
Appointments with end customers
The scheduling module makes it easier for the dispatcher to make appointments with the end customer. mobileX-Dispatch offers the dispatcher all possible execution dates in a table. The dispatcher can prioritize accordingly with regard to the parameters “additional travel time”, “workload” and “appointment”.
Mobile order processing
With mobileX-CrossMIP, service technicians have access to all the data they need for order processing on their mobile device – even when they are out of range. A flexible navigation component gives them quick access to their orders at any time and they can easily switch between different lists and modules.
Feedback, service reports and forms

The technician uses the feedback to record the scope and content of the work performed in the form of time, material and text. Documents such as photos, service reports and forms with signatures can also be created. mobileX offers two options for mapping digital forms in mobileXCrossMIP.

Daily reports
With the daily report, users can record both orderrelated and nonorderrelated working times, such as training sessions or internal meetings. There are three basic variants of how technicians can record their times. The dashboard for time confirmations shows the technician the hours worked on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Unbooked times are also displayed in the service technician app. 
mobileX-Dispatch Software zur Einsatzplanung

Digital resource planning

mobileX-Dispatch is our tool for optimizing your resource planning for technical customer service. Our digital planning includes the scheduling of orders according to qualifications, route optimization, manual planning via drag and drop as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic planning. Pool planning and scheduling of orders to external service providers is also possible with mobileX-Dispatch.

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Mobile app for service technicians

mobileX-CrossMIP is our mobile app for order processing for technical customer service. It offers an intuitive interface and is of course offlinecapable. mobileXCrossMIP enables mobile access to plant data, digital creation of feedback, forms and time recording. Material logistics can also be mapped with our mobile app.

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Industry experience

The field service management and maintenance solutions from mobileX are used by numerous medium-sized and large companies in the energy and utility sector:

The use of the scheduling solution has significantly improved transparency in planning. The technicians now no longer have to come to the office to pick up their orders. The mobile solution and the digitization of documents, as well as the control provided by the Confirmation Center, have also noticeably increased the quality of our data.

Giorgio Buzzi Program Manager at AIL

We are delighted that we will now be able to consistently map the order cycle with the modern and future-proof solutions mobileX-Dispatch und mobileX-MIP for Field Service. By introducing the digital forms, we hope to improve the quality of the technical data on our facilities and networks. This will allow us to have an even more efficient condition assessment and reliable operation for our customers

Benjamin Weisbrod project manager at bnNETZE GmbH

By introducing mobileX-Dispatch we were able to significantly improve the workload of our field service technicians. This gives us about one more man-year of capacity. We can now process orders ourselves that we previously had to hand over to external companies. In addition, the quality of the order data, which we distribute to the technicians via mobileX-Dispatch, has improved and there are fewer telephone enquiries.

Markus Binkert Leiter Pool Netzservices bei CKW

The use of Dynamic Forms in DREWAG's mobile maintenance has significantly improved transparency and the flow of information, increased productivity and optimized data quality

Bernd Fischer IT project manager at Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

After only one year we had already achieved the objectives of the WFM system. This includes structural effects such as the introduction of centralized work preparation and scheduling in our nine dispatching centers and the reduction of distribution times. Other important gains for us are the unprecedented transparency of work tasks for the management and the automatic invoicing of all related work orders.

Dr. Jan Gerber WFM-project manager at ENSO NETZ GmbH

We have explained the advantages of the system in tailor-made training courses to the employees and incorporated their feedback and suggestions. Thus, the 180 users have accepted the MIP software and view it as sensible. The good experience made by all involved parties has also had a positive effect on the topics of networking and digitization of the work as a whole.

Marc Obenauer project manager at MVV Netze

With the introduction of mobileX-MIP for Field Service, we now have a future-proof mobile solution for our technicians, which definitely offers advantages in usability compared to our old solution. In addition, the Dynamic Forms extension is a very important feature for us, as it allows us to digitize our existing paper forms and then dynamically modify and extend them. This offers us great potential in terms of improving data quality and cost savings in data entry. Another major advantage is that data is no longer lost if a computer is defective, because it is stored on the mobileX-MIP server.

Stephan Marks Central Operations Service, OGE

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