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MVV Netze

Digital order processing improves efficiency at MVV Netze

MVV Netze is the grid company for Mannheim. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mannheim’s energy company MVV, it operates Mannheim’s power, gas, water and district heating networks. MVV Netze is responsible for a stable and sustainable supply of around 330,000 customers in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region both in the urban area and in the surrounding municipalities.
Around 450 employees ensure a comprehensive and smooth network service. Approximately 12,000 orders are handled each year. These are maintenances, fault clearances and repairs as well as the expansion of distribution networks and facilities in all four sectors. This also includes numerous annual collective orders with large object lists and maintenance orders.

Photovoltaic system

Increased transparency and data quality due to mobile solution

Back in 2007, MVV Netze opted for a mobile solution for the technicians to replace the paper-based order processing. This should improve transparency and data quality in order to be able to derive better control capabilities. A leaner and faster job planning as well as simplified working hours confirmations should optimize the overall fault clearance and maintenance process and reduce costs.

Integration of key users essential for project success

The implementation of the mobile solution at MVV Netze was carried out in 2008. Since then, the employees have received their orders directly on their mobile device and can start to the job site without first having to consult the central office. On the way, they can also access customer data, plant structure, and device information while offline. Thus, fewer queries to the back office by phone are needed and second calls aren’t necessary. Feedback forms are filled in by the technicians directly on the mobile device. The entered data is already checked for its validity before it is transferred to SAP PM. This increases data quality and saves costs and effort that would have been required for manual data transmission, queries and corrections.

By migrating to version 5.0 of mobileX-MIP for Field Service, MVV Netze is now also supplementing the current version of the Dynamic Forms module. In this way the company gradually replaces paper forms with digital forms. These are created centrally and filled in on-site on the 60 Panasonic Toughbooks.
With the “Maintenance Protocol Cable Distribution Cabinet” the technicians record the condition, deficiency and material consumption during field service assignments. The information is archived both as a PDF document and individually on the respective technical object in the SAP system. The factual data for master data maintenance as well as measurement documents can immediately be processed further in SAP PM by the master level.
Internal improvement proposals from the project team as well as from the company-wide ideas management are important for the ongoing development of the system. MVV Netze has developed the notification item system, including the catalogs stored in SAP PM, on the basis of an individual suggestion. In addition to the predefined reports on the object part, cause and damage or deficiency description, users can also attach files, such as digital photos, to the ZA report.
The entry of time feedbacks, overtime hours and vehicle allocation was optimized on the basis of predefined time schedules. In addition, the technicians now receive a monthly PDF report in the specific matrix format of MVV Netze with all information on their working hours per day, order and month.

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We have explained the advantages of the system in tailor-made training courses to the employees and incorporated their feedback and suggestions. Thus, the 180 users have accepted the MIP software and view it as sensible. The good experience made by all involved parties has also had a positive effect on the topics of networking and digitization of the work as a whole.

Electricity, gas, heat, and water: Without a safe, environmentally friendly, and economical energy supply, the life we live today and will live in the future are not conceivable.

We, the companies of the MVV Energie Group, have made it our task to reliably provide you with these essential ingredients of daily life – from Mannheim to Kiel to Offenbach and from Ingolstadt to Köthen, 365 days of year, 24 hours a day.

As a utility company of the future, we are a pioneer in the ecological transformation of our energy supply. We are dedicated to the growth of renewable energies and energy efficiency.