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mobileX-Scenario Generator in mobileX-Dispatch

The strategic planning of resources and capacities is an important part of corporate planning for companies with a high annual volume of service deployments, such as in the telecommunications industry.

With the scenario generator module, an extension of mobileX-Dispatch, hypothetical scenarios for the future can be created on the basis of historical data from deployment planning, such as the order backlog of the last financial year, and thus strategic planning for resources and capacities can be carried out.

Planning with the scenario generator

Planning with the mobileX scenario generator takes place in three steps:

  • Creation of a scenario, for example by transferring data from a certain period in the past or from filtered data (filters, work areas) into the scenario.
  • Transformation of the data by means of scripts or manually, for example by increasing the order quantity by 20 percent
  • Comparison of several scenarios with each other, for example a monthly or annual capacity comparison in chart form

Scenarios can also be planned out via the automatic planning of mobileX-Dispatch. Orders that are not allocated via this represent the load that can no longer be covered in the scenario. These orders can then be analysed in detail, for example in which geographical region such orders occur particularly frequently.

mobileX-Scenario Generator

Possible use cases

The following use cases are conceivable for long-term capacity planning:

  • Increase in order quantity
  • Reduction of capacities (short-time work)
  • Requirement for new skills through the sale of new products
  • Regional distribution of resources

The results of the mobileX scenario generator can also be evaluated directly with the reporting functions of mobileX-Dispatch, for example by means of an Excel report.

mobileX-Scenario Generator Anwendungsfall

Strategic resource planning for companies

With the mobileX scenario generator, mobileX-Dispatch is no longer just a planning tool for day-to-day business, but also a strategic tool to be best prepared for future situations. The scenario generator can only be used as an extension module to mobileX-Dispatch together with an existing mobileX-Dispatch Server.

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