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Netz Leipzig

Every day, the technicians of Netz Leipzig perform maintenance and inspections in the Leipzig network, install meters, build standardised service connections and, in case of disruptions, ensure that service is quickly restored to customers. In the past they kept track of their hourly work on their written work orders. These then had to be manually entered in the SAP system by other employees. In order to achieve much greater efficiency here, Netz Leipzig has begun providing technical and business information to technicians on site using the mobileX software solution.

The solution consists of the mobile workplace, mobileX-MIP for Field Service, and the graphical resource planning tool, mobileX-Dispatch. The two solutions represent the entire service process, from the planning phase to the technical confirmation.
In mid-2013, the solution was already being used productively for electronic job processing. Since August 2013, jobs in the „Transformer Station Maintenance“ pilot process have been processed by technicians via mobile technology on a laptop in two master areas, and the status and times have been confirmed electronically.
This extended mobility of the technicians is new and must prove its worth. It means less postprocessing for individual jobs and less work over time for all workers involved in processing jobs.

A major focus remains the implementation of digital forms starting in March 2014. For Netz Leipzig the goal is to gradually roll out the mobile solutions and field service management software from mobileX to other processes in network operations.

Netz Leipzig GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Leipzig and is a network operator for power and gas and a service provider of district heating for the Leipzig metropolitan area. To ensure reliable operation of its networks, the company relies on a sustainable and consistent replacement and modernisation strategy.

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Netz Leipzig GmbH is the operator of an electric supply network and a gas network in Leipzig.