Aziende Industriali di Lugano

Aziende industriali di Lugano is the local energy provider in the region of Lugano. The mechanics of the AIL process annually about 24,000 jobs. Of these, 20,000 from the field meter management, that is readings, fixtures or changes of equipment. 4,000 jobs are for the maintenance and inspection of nets.

In order to modernize the planning and order processing,  AIL commissioned Horváth & Partner AG in 2013 with the invitation to tender for a field service management software. This should replace the previous manual and accelerate job distribution and processing.

The high order volume in metering made mobileX-MIP for metering, an industry solution for utilities for mobile access to SAP back-office systems, particularly interesting for AIL and was ultimately decisive for the contract.

At AIL assemblers now can submit their meter readings directly to SAP PM and SAP IS-U. This saves time and resources and improves reading quality. 

Image source: AIL

4,000 jobs are for the maintenance and inspection of nets are processed every year at Aziende Industriali di Lugano.