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Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

mobileX has won Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe as a new customer for mobileX-Dispatch, the software for planning maintenance orders and mobileX-CrossMIP, the mobile app for maintenance personnel. Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe is a high-tech specialist within the Olympus Group and the development and production center for rigid endoscopy, bipolar high-frequency surgery and instrument reprocessing. With the introduction of the two solutions, the company aims to improve the maintenance processes in its competence center for rigid endoscopy in Hamburg. This includes the optimization of the central resource planning as well as the digitalization of the maintenance staff’s mobile order processing. The aim of the project is to minimize order times, improve the quality of recorded data and increase the transparency of maintenance processes.

In order to digitalize order processing for maintenance staff in the production of medical devices in Hamburg and other locations, Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe was looking for a mobile application that could be easily integrated into SAP PM. It should be able to easily document all maintenance and repair work performed by the maintenance staff. The scheduling was also to be optimized by a software with a graphical representation of the deployments and workload and skill matching, thus increasing the efficiency and transparency of the planning processes. After a detailed evaluation, the decision was made in favor of the two mobileX solutions that best met the requirements.

The implementation of the Field Service Management project at Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe began in early 2020. Since the beginning of July, selected maintenance personnel and dispatchers have been using the solutions in a productive pilot. Subsequently, all technicians are to use mobileX-CrossMIP and the six dispatchers mobileX-Dispatch.

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe is the European development and manufacturing center for medical technology within the Olympus Corporation. The company stands for excellence in diagnosis, therapy, reprocessing and systems integration – offering the full range of latest endoscopic applications from single products to procedure oriented systems solutions.