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Münchener Medizin Mechanik optimizes service process with mobileX

Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH is part of the MMM Group and a leading system provider in the field of sterilization and disinfection systems for hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. The company is active worldwide with subsidiaries. A comprehensive customer service ensures fast and effective solutions. 142 service technicians are on the road in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Switzerland for more than 1,100 customers.

Process optimization in customer service

Service technician of MMM Group.

In 2005, MMM decided to digitalize the order processing of the service technicians and thus optimize the mobile service process from the deployment at the customer’s site to invoicing. Until then, the service technicians still worked with paper and carbon copies. Two colleagues in the office were solely responsible for the post-processing of confirmations and the manual transfer to the SAP system for further processing.
In the search for a mobile solution, the ability to integrate with SAP and adapt to the specific requirements of MMM played a major role. After several reference visits, mobileX was finally chosen in 2007 as it met all requirements and offers short distances due to its headquarters in Munich.

Digitalized order processing

The introduction of mobileX-MIP for Field Service began in Germany in 2007. Austria and Switzerland followed in 2010. The service technicians of the Czech sister company BMT were already equipped with a new generation of the mobile solution in 2016, which was initially operated parallel to the existing solution in D-A-CH. After a migration to version 7 of mobileX-MIP for Field Service in the Czech Republic at the end of 2018 as well as functional extensions, the other countries were also migrated to version 7 by the end of 2019.
Thanks to the early integration of key users, intensive test phases and a pilot operation, the rollout in Germany, Austria and Switzerland went almost smoothly. The new mobile application also enjoys a high level of acceptance among service technicians.
Six dispatchers in six service centers in Germany and one dispatcher in each of the other countries are responsible for scheduling MMM’s technicians. An overview of the planned assignments can be found in various Excel files. The assignment of the operation to a technician is carried out in SAP.
The assignments are usually planned orders such as installations, inspections, maintenance or validations of systems and processes, as well as legally required inspections. However, repairs are also part of the tasks of customer service, which is available around the clock.

The technicians no longer receive their orders including order details on paper as in the past, but in the mobile solution mobileX-MIP for Field Service. Thanks to the offline functionality of the solution, they have access to the relevant plant and machine data in SAP from anywhere. For example, they have access to the plant history and all equipment usage over the last 13 months.
After the work is done, the technicians create the service report in mobileX-MIP for Field Service. This eliminates media breaks, which has significantly improved the data quality of the reports and master data. The service technicians in Germany can also enter their travel expenses in the Travel Expense Manager module via the mobile solution.

Integration of material logistics

In mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the service technician’s vehicle warehouse is also mapped. Using the mobile solution, he can search for, remove or order material and confirm the goods receipt. If he does not have a certain material in his technician’s warehouse, he can start a query as to whether a colleague has this material in stock. If the search is successful, the colleague can transfer his or her material using the mobile solution. The new warehouse stock is then also compared in SAP.
The technician can enter a description, the category, and the minimum stock level for each material in his vehicle warehouse. In addition, he can display all materials that are currently below the minimum stock level defined by him within the framework of the material purchase order, so that he can simply transfer them to the purchase order.

Increase in data quality and customer satisfaction

“By using mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the data quality of our installed base has improved significantly. Also the processing times of orders from deployment, feedback and service report to invoicing have been reduced”, summarizes Katrin Schreiber, Head of Customer Service Dispatching at MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH. “Without mobileX, we would definitely not be able to offer the kind of good customer service we have now”.

Own client for Belgium

The next step for MMM is to set up a subsidiary in Belgium. This will give the Belgian technicians their own client for the mapping of mobileX-MIP for Field Service in the future.

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MMM has been a leading global system provider of health services since 1954.

With a full range of products and services for sterilisation and disinfectant systems for hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry, MMM is a leader in quality and innovation in the German and international market.

In our production centres in Stadlern in Bavaria and Brünn in the Czech Republic, we manufacture products that are specially tailored to meet the needs of our global customers. With both plant locations, we ensure a high level of vertical integration and thus meet the stringent quality requirements of the medical technology field.