Am Anfang  jedes Projekts im Bereich Workforce Management steht eine Prozessanalyse. Wir unterstützen Sie gerne, wenn es darum geht, Ihre bestehenden Prozesse und Strukturen zu beschreiben.

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At the beginning of every project in the field of field service management or maintenance is a process analysis. We are happy to support you when it comes to describing your existing processes and structures. In addition to flowcharts, it is also important to identify the actors and systems involved in these processes. In order to increase efficiency through a field service management system or maintenance software, this is followed by the optimal design of the target processes for your business model.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can draw on best practices that help you redefine and optimise your future structures and process chains across departments. Because it's not just about deployment planning and on-site service. Quality and order management, material logistics and human resources management as well as classic CRM functions are all intertwined. The process analysis ultimately leads to the target parameters and the specifications for the project. By understanding a holistic FSM or maintenance system as an enabler for process optimisation, completely new potential benefits arise, which we show you through this approach.

Our standard products already have a wide range of functions. But it is precisely with special services that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. The individuality of your process must therefore be seamlessly integrated into the standard product - because this is how you can further expand your competitive advantage. In the specification phase, we define together with you how we can adapt our solutions to your requirements and target processes in order to achieve your goals.

In our guides you can find out more about what you should think about before starting a field service management or maintenance project. Request our free guide, white papers and ROI calculator here. 


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