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InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik

InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik digitizes maintenance for its customers with mobileX

As a subsidiary of the operating company InfraServ Wiesbaden, InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik (ISWT) is responsible for technical services at the 96-hectare industrial park in the Hessian state capital. Its services range from plant planning and construction to mechanical and automation engineering, electrical engineering, construction and building services, and vehicle technology. 240 service technicians in various service units ensure maintenance at 77 companies in the industrial park and other medium-sized companies in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region. Several 10,000 orders are received each year. These typically involve recurring activities such as maintenance and servicing, but also repairs and overhauls

Digitization and standardization of order processing

Previously, service engineers used numerous paper-based reports and forms to document service delivery for their customers during maintenance. In 2018, in order to optimize and standardize service processes due to strong growth, ISW-Technik was looking for an intuitive, future-proof and offline-enabled solution to integrate with SAP CS, PM, SD and HR.

The decisive factor for the decision in favor of the mobile solution mobileX-MIP for Field Services was, above all, the adaptability of the solution to the specific requirements of the industry. Another decision factor was the dynamic forms, which, as an add-on module, enable technicians to transfer data and processes from existing forms into the digital world and post them in SAP.

Stepwise rollout in the service units

The project launch in December 2018 was followed by the rollout with a pilot group of 15 technicians in the summer of 2019. ISW-Technik purposely opted for a step-by-step rollout in order to provide time for extensive employee training and to achieve a high level of acceptance for the new solution. Currently, around 90 service technicians are already working with the mobile solution.

Order planning is carried out by the master technicians in SAP CS. They are also responsible for work preparation and material ordering as well as customer contact. The technicians now receive their digital orders directly on their MS Surface Go. In the mobile solution, they can view all details about the orders, the machine, the customer, and the service history stored in SAP CS, even offline.

Instead of manually transferring the data recorded on paper, including time confirmations, technical documentation and forms, to a database after the assignments, as was previously the case, the technicians now enter all the information on site and then transfer it to the SAP system with the push of a button.

Variety of forms digitally mapped

Digitization was particularly helpful in mapping the more than 40 different forms used by ISW-Technik – with an upward trend. As a rule, these have to be filled out once a year for statutory inspections for a wide variety of objects such as elevators, protective suits, hoses, air-conditioning systems or valves and then archived in an audit-proof manner.

The existing paper forms were digitally mapped with the dynamic forms module of mobileX. It can also be used to create new forms or checklists individually and with a wide range of input options. When the service technicians enter the data, it is already validated in order to avoid incorrect postings afterwards. The values entered are then saved both unstructured as a PDF file and structured as a data record in the SAP system.

Improving customer satisfaction and data quality

“Customer benefit is our first priority,” explains Michael Bräuer, Head of CIP at InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik. “By digitizing our order processing with mobileX-MIP for Field Service, our employees now have more time for advising our customers, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. The data quality of the technical documentation has improved significantly. In addition, our billing cycles have been sustainably shortened.” The use of the mobileX solution at ISW-Technik is an essential building block for the gradual digitalization of the service offerings of the Wiesbaden-based industrial service specialist.

Migration and form development under own management

In addition to the rollout of the system to further service units, the migration to version 9 of the mobile solution is planned before the end of 2021. Furthermore, ISW-Technik intends to develop its digital forms in-house in the future using the Dynamic Forms module.

Already at its foundation in 2003 ISW-Technik had decades of experience as a service provider for the industry. The roots and predecessor companies reach back to the year 1858: At that time the Chemische Werke Albert (fertilizer) was founded.