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mobileX-Add-On for Webservices

For the SOAP web services technology, mobileX provides a standardized API for our deployment planning software, mobileX-Dispatch, as well as for our mobile solutions, mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP. With this interface, companies can easily integrate the mobileX products into their existing infrastructure. A connection to S/4HANA or C4C is also possible. mobileX-Add-On for Webservices is based on the standard data model developed by mobileX.

Middleware systems such as SAP PI, Microsoft BizTalk or Oracle Service Bus can be used for integration. Back-office systems such as IBM Maximo or Microsoft Dynamics ERP, which support SOAP technology, can also be connected directly. In this case, the back office system immediately sends any change to an object via push to the mobileX Add-On for Webservices.

Professional Applications

Read and edit basic data

The web services interface enables extensive basic data to be written and read. This ranges from long texts, classifications and characteristics to documents. It also allows access to contacts, addresses, damage values including report schemas with configurable behavior as well as to the factory calendar for mobileX-Dispatch.

Resources and qualifications

Via the mobileX-Add-On for Webservices, resources can be read out from the personnel master via teams and technicians as well as via vehicles and production resources. The respective qualifications and contact data can also be retrieved via this. In addition, the available times are determined for display and use in mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP for Field Service. This allows more efficient deployment planning and improved customer service.

Integration of customer service and maintenance

Integration von Kundenservice und Instandhaltung

In addition, numerous use cases for service and maintenance can be covered. These include reading orders including operations and numerous other order-related data (object lists, components, partners), creating material and time confirmations as well as long texts. The reading of messages (including items, tasks, causes and actions) is also fully integrated via the interface.

This data is used in mobileX-Dispatch to optimally schedule the service technicians’ shifts. The result of the planning is then also returned to SAP as an operation via the web services interface.

Technical object structures (locations and plants), including measurement value recording lists, measurement points and values, can be read out in configurable hierarchy levels. In addition, interfaces are provided for maintaining the object structure and for installing and removing equipment.

Connection of materials management

Materials management can also be integrated via the web services interface. Be it for reading the material master or warehouse stock or for retrieving or processing orders. Material consumption from the warehouse or reservations as well as in the context of equipment installation or removal is also integrated. This enables much more efficient material management, as technicians can maintain their vehicle stock and place orders while on the road.

Integration of customer-specific time management

Companies can transfer times that cannot be booked for service calls, such as vacation, further training, illness or inventories, to customer-specific time management via Z-tables.

Alternative Web Services Integration


The mobileX servers poll the back office system at regular intervals for changes to data objects and update them as needed. This usually requires a project-specific connection of the proprietary web services interfaces to the back office system.

Transformation engine

With mapping support, the web services interface can be customized for specific projects to accept individual data structures and transform them to objects of the standard data model.

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