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Field service managment software for service


More efficient service processes

Field service management software provides more transparency, better resource utilization and data quality of mobile service processes.


Higher customer satisfaction

Field service management software shortens response times and time windows for operations. The higher adherence to schedules increases service quality and customer satisfaction.


Sustainable cost savings

Field service management software reduces the planning effort and optimizes the use of resources. As a result, your service organization can save over 20 percent in costs annually.

Our Field Service Management Software consists of two components:

mobileX Dispatch Lösung


mobileX-Dispatch is our mature and comprehensive solution for the scheduling and control of companies with at least 50 technicians. Dispatchers use it either to plan the deployment of technicians for the maintenance of companies' own plants and machines. Or they plan the assignments of field service technicians for the service of their customers' plants and machines. Dispatchers can use mobileX-Dispatch for

  • planning (manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, via the map)
  • keeping the overview (of resources, orders, SLAs)
  • reacting quickly (in case of failures, system warnings, exceeding the capacity utilization)

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mobile Field-Service-Management Lösung

mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP

mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP are our user-friendly, mobile solutions that support technicians in service and maintenance in order processing. Using their smartphone, tablet or laptop, technicians can use them for

  • receiving information (on order details, contact data, directions, notification, history, object list)
  • confirmations (status, time, material, forms, service reports, daily reports, travel expenses)
  • getting support (spare parts catalogues, augmented reality, knowledge management, remote video)

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Our proven Field Service Management solutions can be deployed on-premise in the enterprise or conveniently as a cloud solution with the highest availability. Integration with leading enterprise back-end systems (SAP or other) is done via dedicated interfaces or web services. We adapt our solutions to the individual service and business processes and use cases of companies.

Our Field Service Management Software in companies

The Field Service Management Software of mobileX is particularly suitable for companies in the fields of manufacturing, energy supply, medical technology, facility management, IT and telecommunications. Common to all industries is that it is always a technical service on site - maintenance, commissioning or troubleshooting.

Typical users of our reliable solutions are medium-sized companies and large corporations with at least 50 resources in technical field service or maintenance. These may be their own technicians or subcontractors.

Companies use our Field Service Management software both on a regional and national level (utilities) and worldwide (international corporations).

The most important features of our Field Service Management Software

Resource planning software for dispatchers

Our feature-rich field service management software mobileX-Dispatch makes it easier for dispatchers to plan the deployment of technicians and other resources. The most important features of mobileX-Dispatch include

  • Scheduling appointments with end customers
  • Skillmatching (planning according to qualifications)
  • Map view
  • Tour optimization
  • Automatic planning
  • Integration of subcontractors
  • Strategic planning

Mobile Field Service Management Software and App for technicians

With our intuitive, mobile solutions for order processing, field technicians are always up to date with their laptop, tablet or smartphone while on the road. Key features of mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP include

  • Access to backend systems
  • Status Updates
  • Feedback
  • Material Logistics
  • Checklists and forms
  • Travel expense report
  • Release monitor

Advantages of our Field Service Management Software

Our sophisticated solutions optimize the service and maintenance processes in companies for all persons involved. They also improve customer satisfaction.

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Advantages for companies

  • Higher productivity and better utilization of technicians
  • Digitalization of service and maintenance processes
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increasing efficiency, sales and growth
Disponentin führt Einsatzplanung mit Field-Service-Management Lösung durch.

Advantages for dispatchers

  • Relaxed scheduling with customers
  • Significantly less planning effort
  • More transparency about the order situation and status of the assignments
  • Shorter travel times for technicians
  • Timely rescheduling in case of technician failure
Techniker nutzt mobile Lösung am Tablet.

Advantages for technicians

  • Less stress on site during problem solving
  • More time for customer contact
  • No paperwork and reworking of reports in the evening
  • Less time pressure for subsequent appointments
  • Less overtime
Servicetechniker nutzt Field-Service-Management Lösung

Benefits for customers

  • Quick and easy appointment scheduling
  • Less time required for service appointments due to short time windows
  • Competent service with individual advice
  • Troubleshooting at the first appointment
  • Transparency in billing through digital service report