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LEONHARD WEISS is one of the leading construction companies in Europe. The family-owned company was founded in 1900 and has today more than 4,400 employees. Its business segments include road and network construction, railway infrastructure construction, civil engineering and turnkey construction. The area of ​​road construction and network construction covers the construction of roads and supply networks. Mainly in Southern Germany 400 machines and 180 machinists are to be dispatched for the assignments at the various construction sites according to the specific requirements.

Every machine assigment needs to be planned ahead.

The suitable machine for every construction project

Ten construction machine dispatchers in the main locations Göppingen and Satteldorf as well as in the subsidiaries Günzburg and Bad Mergentheim are responsible for planning the construction machines and machinists. It is also their job to hire third-party equipment and the transport order. This planning was carried out until 2009 in different ways in Excel, on paper and planning boards. The big drawback was that each dispatcher had only his own planning in view, but had no insight into the planning and availability of the resources of his colleagues. As a result, feedback and telephone queries were often required among the dispatchers.
For this reason, LEONHARD WEISS decided to introduce a central tool for IT-supported deployment planning for the construction machinery disposition in the department of technology in order to improve the planning transparency and clarity. A decisive criterion for the selection of a solution was the integration capability in SAP PM, since the resources for the assignments are stored in this system. The choice finally fell on mobileX-Dispatch from mobileX. The solution was introduced in autumn 2009.

Since spring 2010, LEONHARD WEISS has been working with the IT-supported planning tool. The scheduling is usually one to three weeks in advance, but also from one day to the next depending on the client. The advantages of the central planning solution are particularly important in the case of short-term planning. Since all machine dispatchers now work with the same tool, they can see at a glance which machines are available and where they are. The dispatchers can display the resources in a Gantt chart, a list, or a map. The resources are divided into specific groups according to machine types. These include the individual vehicles such as excavators, caterpillar tracks, rollers or tractors and their respective machinists. If a requested machine is not available, the dispatcher must hire the machine from a third-party service provider and

Increased planning transparency by planning across all locations

After five years of planning with mobileX-Dispatch, the responsible persons for the construction machinery disposition at LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG draw a positive conclusion: “The planning transparency and clarity in the field of construction machinery disposition in the department of technology has improved through the use of mobileX-Dispatch.”

Extending the application to the technical field service

The technical field service, which is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the machines on site, will also be scheduled with mobileX-Dispatch. For this, the rollout of the solution for three workshop dispatchers, who control 15 external service technicians, is being carried out. The dispatchers create the orders in SAP PM and plan them in mobileX-Dispatch. Maintenance works are planned about a week in advance. In the event of faults, the field service technicians have to be sent to a construction site at short notice. Here, the master is supported by a telematics system, which is installed in the vehicles. Through GPS positioning, they recognize the current location of the technicians and can thus send their colleagues to the construction site, who is not only available, but also nearby.

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LEONHARD WEISSGmbH & Co. KG (“LW”) based in Göppingen is a German construction company founded in 1900. The company has over 4,400 employees and is represented in 23 countries across Europe.
LEONHARD WEISS had revenues of €1, 114 billion in 2015.