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KASTO Maschinenbau

KASTO Maschinenbau represents efficiency, quality, and innovation. The company’s saws and bar storage systems are used worldwide and are commissioned and serviced by a professional service team. Field service management is used for efficient scheduling of service technicians and for providing them with access to job data in service processing.

KASTO Maschinenbau, the market leader in saws and bar storage systems, markets products in over 50 countries. 50 service technicians from the company perform over 7,000 service jobs each year, including maintenance, repairs, and system start-ups. The system start-up process in particular can often last several weeks.  Here it is important for invoicing purposes that all documents are available at job completion.

In 2010, KASTO decided to implement the mobile solutions and field service management software from mobileX. With the graphic planning tool mobileX-Dispatch the objective was to replace the wall chart. The mobile workplace, mobileX-MIP for Field Service, was introduced to replace the paper-based service report.
In addition to the functionality of both standard software products, the well-developed SAP interface of mobileX was a key factor in the decision.

24/7 customer service at Kasto

The implementation of mobileX-Dispatch went quickly and smoothly. At first, the planning process was duplicated as a precaution (manual wall chart + system). After just a few days, this was no longer necessary and only mobileX-Dispatch has been used ever since.

The mobile workplace, mobileX-MIP for Field Service, was customised in just a few areas for the specific requirements of KASTO. One of the customisations involves the „partner confirmation“. With this extension, team leaders can confirm times for team members who don’t have their own laptop. During commissioning, the technician can input weekly activity confirmations with a customer signature. These confirmations are then used for partial invoicing. Advantages: The invoice can be created earlier and the office-based staff receives the current job status in real time.


With the implementation of mobile solutions and field service management, KASTO has been able to considerably optimise service. Dispatchers benefit from greater transparency and can utilise resources quickly and efficiently.

Service technicians input their reports in mobileX-MIP for Field Service. The office-based staff receives current reports each week in electronic form without having to enter them manually. This improves data quality overall, which means lost documents are a thing of the past.

In the next phase the system will be rolled out at locations in France, England, and the USA.

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Tower System: Bar Storage KASTO UNITOWER 3.0 with double-sided design

KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, based in Achern, Baden, Germany, is a global technology leader in sawing and storage for metal bar stock and sheet metal. With locations in France, England, and the USA, and dealers in over 50 counties, the company has a wide reach globally and has been a symbol of efficiency, quality, and innovation throughout its 160-plus year company history.

The KASTO product line ranges from simple machine shop saws to powerful production saws and automatic high-performance saws, as well as sheet metal storage systems in all sizes, along with integrated saws.