SAP Interfaces

The products of mobileX AG can be integrated via a SAP ERP Add-On, Web Services or a SAP CRM interface to the leading systems of companies. These are usually SAP CS, SAP PM or SAP CRM – but also other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications. For this we use three ways of integration: natively into SAP via our certified SAP ERP Add-On, via Web Services or via a SAP CRM interface developed by our partner ORBIS. 


  • SAP ERP Add-On

    The products of mobileX AG offer a SAP certified interface for SAP CS/PM, MM and IS-U. This software component is available as a so-called SAP Add-On.
  • Web Services

    For SOAP web services mobileX provides a standardized API for mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP for Field Service. With this interface businesses can integrate the mobileX products very easily into their existing infrastructure.
  • SAP CRM Interface

    The interface for SAP CRM, developed by our partner ORBIS, enables a direct integration of our mobile planning software, mobileX-Dispatch, as well as mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP in SAP.