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mobileX has won ZwickRoell GmbH & Co.KG as a new customer for the Optimizer, the module for automatic planning of service calls. ZwickRoell is the world’s leading supplier of testing machines for materials testing. With the introduction of the solution, the company aims to optimize the scheduling of its service technicians in five countries in the German-speaking world. Automatic scheduling is expected to significantly reduce the planning effort of the dispatchers. In addition, the software-supported planning will result in savings potential through route optimization. ZwickRoell provides the optimizer as a service via the mobileX ServiceCloud.

Previously, ZwickRoell’s dispatchers manually planned the service assignments of technicians in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. This involved calibrations, repairs, commissioning, modernization or retrofitting. With the introduction of automatic deployment planning, dispatchers now have more time to deal with complex planning cases. The first step focuses on the automatic pre-planning of standard calibrations. A qualification matrix is used to select the technician suitable for the job. This matrix compares the technician’s qualifications with the tasks required for the job.

The cost optimization algorithm of the Optimizer calculates the best possible routes according to the criteria defined by ZwickRoell. These include the shortest route and travel time, but also the maximum working time per day. The distance to the place of operation also plays a role. The route optimization of the optimizer offers ZwickRoell savings potential through the reduction of distances compared to manual planning.

ZwickRoell began implementing the project in June 2020. The connection to the CRM system was made via web services. Since October the dispatchers have been using the solutions in a productive pilot. After the successful go-live of the standard calibrations, the other types of use are to be automatically pre-planned. In the future, it is planned to introduce the automatic system in other ZwickRoell European branches as well.

ZwickRoell is the world’s leading supplier of testing machines for materials testing. The materials testing machines are used in R&D and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. For more than 160 years ZwickRoell has stood for reliable test results, excellent service, quality and reliability in materials and component testing.