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Stadtwerke Kiel

Maximum supply quality and security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Stadtwerke Kiel supplies the capital city and the region as a whole with electricity, gas, water, and district heating. The utility company relies on mobile solutions and field service management software for service and maintenance of the network infrastructure.

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Energy for Kiel – this is Stadtwerke Kiel’s motto. The tradition-rich company is the local utility company and focusses on regional service and sustainability. More than 150 technicians are employed by the northern German company providing service and maintenance of the network infrastructure. Previously technicians received their job data from the supervisor first thing in the morning, either verbally or on paper. Mistakes or gaps in the service report were accepted as part of the process and remained when added to the internally developed IT solutions. In 2011 Stadtwerke Kiel decided to introduce mobile solutions and field service management software.

For the implementation, it was initially decided to use the system in supporting maintenance that had already been planned. Using the mobile workplace mobileX-MIP for Field Service 65 technicians now receive their job assignments on their mobile end devices. All the necessary information about the job, such as job location, service history and logs, are provided to the technicians as a PDF document in the job data. If the technician observes damage on additional equipment while on site, e.g. on a transformer station, a notification referencing the property can be created in mobileX-MIP for Field Service. The technician can also correct any master data that has been incorrectly entered while on site.

Using the graphic dispatching tool mobileX-Dispatch supervisors can assign jobs to technicians from the job pool. To obtain detailed information on the assignment location, the dispatcher can enter the GIS (geographic information system) directly from mobileX-Dispatch.
Jobs of the same type, such as e.g. hydrant servicing, are combined at the beginning of the fiscal year as a collective order, which can then also be assigned to a larger group of persons. The processing can be done as a filler activity throughout the year. This not only makes processing easier, but also reduces administrative workload.


By introducing mobile solutions from mobileX, media discontinuities between paper and IT solutions are avoided. By eliminating manual data entry, data quality is optimised and job completion confirmations are now directly integrated in SAP PM in real time. Employees maintain considerable autonomy and flexibility in designing processing procedures in those areas where operational requirements permit. This has a positive impact on their motivation.

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Stadtwerke Kiel is the utility company for Kiel and supplies electricity, gas, water, and district heating to the state capital. Stadtwerke Kiel supplies over 155,000 households with electricity across the supply area. The network infrastructure thus required consists of the 3,500 km electric supply network with more than 1,000 distribution grid and transfer stations, along with 14 substations. Securing supply quality over the long term is one of the cornerstones of the corporate concept: Maximum supply quality, 24 hours a day.