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CHIRON WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, a world leader in manufacturing systems in the metalworking industry, has opted for the mobile connection of their service technicians with mobileX-MIP for Field Service of the mobileX in Germany. With the introduction of the mobile, user-friendly solution, the company wants to increase the efficiency and standardization of its service processes, which will be reflected mainly in an increase in customer satisfaction.

Previously CHIRON took an Access database in-house development, to provide their 80 service technicians in Germany with a mobile connection to SAP CS for commissioning, maintenance and repairs. As this solution was no longer appropriate and did no meet the increased professional service requirements any more, the company decided to use an external standard software. CHIRON selected mobileX-MIP for Field Service, since this solution is user-friendly, future-proof and easy to maintain. Moreover, mobileX-MIP for Field Service allows the complete order processing, the data entries, daily reports and the travel expenses to be handled on notebooks. With the introduction CHIRON expects to increase the efficiency of service calls and to optimize the service process across departments.

Since mid-April the mobileX-MIP client is in use at CHIRON. Since the beginning of July all technicians work with. The plan is that the sister companies STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH and Scherer Feinbau GmbH will also be equipped with mobileX-MIP for Field Service in the future. Also, the roll-out to other international offices is being discussed.

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