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Add-On for SAP CRM

The Add-On for SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) developed by our partner ORBIS enables customers from different industries to directly integrate our software for deployment planning, mobileX-Dispatch, into SAP. Our mobile solutions, mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP, can also be seamlessly integrated into the service processes of companies. This allows customers like Henry Schein to map the planning and processing of their technical customer service transparently and across departments.

An SAP CRM interface for (almost) all cases

The Add-On for SAP CRM supports all important use cases in the field of field service management through a bidirectional exchange of relevant data such as resources, service requirements, products and operations in real time. SAP CRM remains the leading system for master and transaction data, eliminating the need for duplicate maintenance.

Data replication takes place via the middleware integrated in SAP CRM. A new site type is delivered with the SAP CRM interface, which contains all the building blocks for simple data integration.

Basic data

The Add-On for SAP CRM enables the writing and reading of extensive basic data. This ranges from long texts to documents. It also allows access to all relevant, specific master data in connection with a service order, i.e. order partners such as customer or goods recipient, as well as installation, service products and spare parts.

Resources and qualifications

Resources from the business objects “employees” and “service agreements” can be transferred via the Add-On for SAP CRM . This also includes the respective qualifications, contact data as well as the affiliation to service teams. In addition, the available times are determined for display and use in mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP. This enables companies to plan their deployments more efficiently and offer their customers an improved service.

Integration of technical customer service

Integration von Kundenservice und Instandhaltung

Through the integration of the Add-On for SAP CRM with SAP CRM, numerous use cases for technical customer service can be covered.
This includes, among other things, the reading of orders including operations and numerous other order-related information (object list, components, partners, products, etc.).

With this data, the assignments of the service technicians are optimally planned in mobileX-Dispatch. The result of the planning is then also fed back to SAP as an operation via the interface.

During the execution of the service assignment with a MIP Client, the technician creates a follow-up document of the order for the service confirmation with material and time as well as notes with different text types. The technician receives not only the order details but also the technical structure – installed base and equipment – for his assignment.

Connection of the materials management

Materials Management (MM) in SAP ERP can be integrated through the Add-On for SAP CRM . Be it for reading the warehouse stock or for retrieving or processing orders as BANF or stock transfer orders. The material consumption from the warehouse or from reservations as well as in the context of an installation or removal of equipment is also integrated. This enables much more efficient material management, as technicians can maintain their vehicle stock and place orders while on the road.

Connection of the customer-specific time management

Companies can transfer times that cannot be booked for service assignments, such as holidays, further training, illness or stocktaking, to customer-specific time management via Z-tables.

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