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Customizabiliy and flexibility of the solutions by mobileX AG

Every industry has its own rules. If a system is too rigid and does not comply with these rules, a company will not be successful in the long run. Therefore flexibility for low costs is a genuine asset.

The field service management solutions of mobileX offer high customizability and flexibility.

Customer specific forms

With the optional extension mobileX-Dynamic Forms (short DynForms) companies can design their specific processes and additional dialogues and integrate these seamlessly into the mobile client.

These options vary from simple forms to interactive dialogues, with which the mobile user can capture and report back customer specific data.


Kundenspezifisch anpassbare Formulare mit Vernküpfung der Messpunkte in SAP

Assignment of fields in SAP, which are shown in the Dynamic Form. If the master data are changed in SAP, the Dynamic Form is updated automatically.


Simple, static forms such as status evaluations of maschines or safety-related checklists can be created quickly and without any programming skills. For the creation of more complex forms mobileX offers trainings. After these, IT managers can create their own forms und synchronize customer specific data structures into the respective backend.

For advanced use cases the IT department can get enhanced options (scripting, debugging, etc.). Via the mobileX-Admin Portal the forms can be rolled out and updated centrally and automatically to the mobile devices.

Extension of the standard user interface

The modular structure of our solutions offers companies the option, to map exactly their use cases and mobile processes or to expand their functional requirements.

In mobileX-MIP for Field Service user interfaces can be adapted by defined interfaces on all layers. Detailed views can be expanded in defined areas of a standard detail or in order to create or exchange new details over tabs. Moreover, default settings in use cases allow to adapt workflows easily to customer specific processes.

Special interfaces allow for an extension or exchange of validation rules and standard processes.

Due to the component based architecture of mobileX-MIP for Field Service standard use cases can be exchanged, expanded and adapted. Settings of use cases and process workflows can be easily configured.

Central customizing via the mobileX-Admin Portal

Via the mobileX-Admin Portal the IT department can control the settings of the mobile clients centrally. With numerous configuration options client features such as the photo capture for special users, user groups or all users can be switched on or off during operation. The administration of theses settings is handled centrally via a web interface in the mobileX-Admin-Portal and does not require any programming skills.

In this portal the customer can also set technical parameters of the platform. This includes the parameterization of the data synchronization as well as the settings for the accounting of data (e.g. daily reports, cost collectors, etc.) into the leading system.

Configuration of the mobile solution inside the admin portal

Configuration of the mobile solution in the admin portal: The central administration of clients allows to roll out updates to all users automatically.

Extensibility of the certified SAP interface

The certified SAP Add-On of mobileX provides - for SAP ERP and SAP CRM - a broad standard for reading and writing of all relevant business objects, which are necessary for the operation of the field service management system. Furthermore many companies have their own tables with customer specific data (Z tables) and their own business functions (Z functions) in their SAP system, which can be relevant for the mobile technician on site or for the dispatcher in the headquarters. For this reason, the mobileX-SAP add-on offers numerous options e.g. as Business Add-Ins or configuration dialogues, with which companies can integrate their extensions into the standard solution with ABAP coding or create their own reading/writing elements with SAP standard elements such as ABAP.

Extensibility of the certified SAP interface

Extensibility of the certified SAP interface: The relevant business objects from SAP ERP and SAP CRM can be selected and customized to be displayed in the mobile solution.


Backend integration with web services

The integration into the existing service management, ERP or CRM systems can be configured by the customer. The advantage: The internal responsible persons know their infrastructure and processes best. After an introduction into the systematics and into the mobileX standard data model, companies can quickly coin the necessary interfaces. Alternatively, mobileX or an implementation partner can provide a turnkey integration. Long-term, companies can adapt and extend the integration according to their needs. This also includes the integration of other systems.

Integration of several backend systems

The solutions of mobileX can also be integrated into several systems. Whether SAP ERP CS/PM, SAP CRM or other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX or proprietary applications - the solutions adapt to the existing infrastructure.

Within the integration of different backend systems it may become necessary to summarize the data flexibly when transferring the data in the mobile process. The so-called "mapping engine" allows for transformations of the data to the target format. For this, the customer is granted full intervention possibilities.

Designer for service reports

With the mobileX-ServiceReport Designer a company can create an individual report layout and roll it out centrally. Like this, the company can adapt the design to the corporate design or create individual report variants according to the national subsidiaries or sales organizations.

The service report inside the mobile solution can be adjusted centrally by using the report designer.

The service report in the mobile solution can be adjusted centrally by using the report designer. This allows to quickly roll out customized forms and easily adjust them when needed.

Individually configurable user views in the client

The users can configure the mobile application according to their needs and preferences. With drag-and-drop they can create, save and recall their own views on tables.

A technician can for example filter his order list according to high priority orders and save this list as a new view. Like this he can hereafter recall at the touch of a button, which tasks he has to do first. By configuring the colums he can also decide which additional information on the order he wants to have displayed.

Individual configurable order list by using filters and groups.

Individually configurable order list by using filters and groups.

International roll-out by push of a button

How can changes in the settings and features be pushed to the mobile devices of the users? With the central deployment feature of the mobileX-MIP Server changes are automatically and in the background rolled out to the mobile devices. An optional news function announces imminent updates to the users. The user can start the update process by push on a button.



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