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Scenario generator for mobileX-Dispatch

The strategic planning of resources and capacities for businesses with a high yearly service volume such as in the telecommunication industry is an important factor of the corporate planning.

With our module scenario generator, an extension of mobileX-Dispatch, hypothetical scenarios for the future can be generated based on historic data from resource planning such as the backlog of the last business year. This allows a strategic planning of resources and capacities.

You can compare different scenarios with the mobileX scenario generator. 

The planning with the scenario generator follows three steps:

  1. Generation of a scenario, e.g. with a data transfer from a certain period in the past or with filtered data (filters, work areas) in the scenario
  2. Transformation of data via scripts or manually, e.g. by a 20 percent rise of the service volume 
  3. Comparison of serveral scenarios, e.g. a monthly or yearly capacity comparision in a diagramme 

Capacity planning with the mobileX scenario generator

Scenarios can also be planned with the automatic planning in mobileX-Dispatch. Orders, which cannot be assigned with that, represent the backlog, which cannot be covered in that scenario. These orders can then be analyzed in detail, e.g. in which geographic region they occur most often. 

Potential use cases for the mobileX scenario generator:

  • Rise of the service volume
  • Reduction of available capacities
  • New skill requirements 
  • Regional allocation of resources

The results of the mobileX scenario generator can also be directly evaluated with the reporting features of mobileX-Dispatch. e.g. via Excel report.

With the mobileX scenario generator mobileX-Dispatch is not only an operational planning tool, but also a strategic tool, in order to be best prepared for future situations. The scenario generator is an extension of mobileX-Dispatch and can only be used with an existing mobileX-Dispatch Server.

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