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Securiton AG

mobileX AG has won Swiss Securiton AG as a new customer for mobileX-Dispatch, the graphical scheduling tool, as well as for mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP, the mobile solutions for service technicians. Securiton is the leading provider of security technology and systems in Switzerland. With the introduction of  mobileX Field Service Management solutions, the company aims to improve service and assembly operations planning, optimize resource utilization, and reduce order throughput time from order creation to invoicing.

Technician of Securiton 

Securiton AG specializes in the construction and maintenance of alarm systems and security systems in the areas of fire protection, burglary protection, access control, video surveillance, security control systems and mobile property protection. Around 260 technicians are available to customers around the clock for installation and commissioning in plant construction and for inspection, maintenance and repair in customer service. So far, the technicians received their orders as a form or e-mail and completed their service reports on-site on paper on paper. The reports then had to be transferred to the head office by colleagues into SAP PS and CS, in order to allow subsequent further processing and billing. This process was error prone and tedious.

In order to digitize the scheduling and processing of the technicians' assignments for the construction and maintenance of the security systems, to obtain more transparency and to optimize the utilization of the service technicians, Securiton opted for mobileX's field service management solutions. In the future, the mobileX release monitor will ensure that technicians' digital confirmations are checked for correctness before being posted to SAP.

The launch of mobileX-Dispatch, the digital resource planning tool, is scheduled to start in July for 50 dispatchers in customer service and plant engineering. The roll-out of the mobile solutions mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP for the 260 technicians is planned for the end of the year or in stages from the beginning of 2019 for the three language regions and eight main branches in Switzerland.

Image source: Securiton AG