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Kuntschar und Schlüter

To professionalize the scheduling and order processing of the technical customer service Kuntschar and Schlüter decided in 2015 to switch from paper and Excel to an IT-based mobile solution and field service management software. The project launch was scheduled for October. Dispatchers and technicians at Kuntschar and Schlüter should then work with the new solutions from May 2016.

When deciding on mobileX AG Wolf Heiztechnik GmbH, the company's parent company, played a decisive role. Since 2010, the leading provider of heating, ventilation has already used mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP for Field Service for its technical support and recommended both solutions to its daughter company.

The field service management software mobileX-Dispatch should assist the dispatchers of Kuntschar and Schlüter for a more efficient scheduling and control of their field service colleagues. On the map and in the Gantt chart they see open orders and the planned routes of the service technicians. They can even schedule foreign companies with the solution.

On site service engineers receive the orders via mobileX-MIP for Field Service on their Toughbooks and have access to all order details and service reports. Even the consumption of materials and material orders can be handled via the mobile solution. In the second phase, the semi-automatic planning should be introduced with mobileX-Dispatch. The module "appointment" will then facilitate the dispatchers the scheduling with the client depending on the chosen criterion such as the fastest appointment or the shortest detour.