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mobileX AG has won HSM GmbH & Co.KG as a new customer for mobileX-CrossMIP, the service app for technicians, and for mobileX-Dispatch, the tool for digital resource planning. HSM develops, produces and distributes products and systems for pressing recyclable materials and shredding paper and electronic data carriers. With the introduction of the two solutions, the company aims to optimize its worldwide service processes, network its service centers, support its employees in the application and increase customer satisfaction.

Up to now, the 35 dispatchers and 100 service technicians were already using mobile service management software, which, however, no longer met HSM's growing demands and was to be replaced. For this reason, HSM 2019 set out to find a holistic, future-proof solution with a modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface. After an extensive evaluation of various providers, the decision was finally made in favor of mobileX. The decisive factor was that the Field Service Management suite best met HSM's requirements and convinced with intuitive interfaces. The introduction of mobileX is intended to create a continuous, media-consistent and largely automated service process that minimizes the workload and makes it much easier to train new employees.

mobileX-Dispatch will enable HSM dispatchers in the future to plan routes in an optimized way and to plan service assignments semi or fully automatically with Gantt charts and maps. During planning, the schedulers also have access to all customer information such as SLAs, facilities and customer history via the connection to SAP.

In the future, not only HSM technicians but also sub-service providers will work with the mobileX-CrossMIP service app to receive, process and report back orders. The technicians will also record the material consumption from the technician's or consignment warehouse at the customer's in their confirmations and process their returns via the app. They fill out forms and checklists via the CrossForms module. This enables all types of (dynamic) forms to be used in the app, data with validations to be entered and then transferred to the back end in a structured form as a data record or as a PDF document. In future, technicians will be able to enter their travel expenses via the "Travel Expense Manager" and submit them in paperless form. In order to enable an automatic check of the confirmations in SAP, the mobileX release monitor is also to be used as a further additional module for mobileX-CrossMIP in the future.

The implementation of the project at HSM began in September 2020. The connection to the leading SAP CS system is done via the mobileX-SAP ERP AddOn. Go-Live in Germany is planned for the first quarter of 2021. This will be followed by the rollout in England, France, Poland, Spain, China and the USA.