In 2013 bnNETZE GmbH, the network company badenova AG & Co. KG, had decided to tender a new control software for scheduling their mechanics to get the best possible support of highly complex tasks in the resource planning.

Scheduling With the solution mobileX-Dispatch and control about 20 dispatchers the inserts of 180 technicians via a graphical cockpit with map display. This involves the construction, operation and maintenance of gas pressure, electricity and water systems and their networks - from the standard meter replacement to the creation of house connections. Not to forget faults and unforeseen repairs that make planning very complex and so demanding. In future, foreign service for civil engineering, pipe and pipeline construction should be included in the planning.

It is also planned to introduce the mobile solution mobileX MIP for Field Service, capture the fitters on site working hours, reports and metrics to its operations and important data can transmit directly to SAP. This will replace the currently used Mobile Asset Management for Utilities (SAP MAU) and offer a safe investment and user-friendly solution for badenova.

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As a 100 percent subsidiary of the regional energy supplier badenova AG & Co. KG bnNETZE GmbH is responsible for the operation of the electricity and gas network of badenova. In southwestern Germany badenova is the most powerful actor with a turnover (2011) of approximately EUR 660 million. It supplies the region with gas, electricity, water, district heating and sanitation.