Mobile Workforce Management from mobileX with SAP certification

Mobile Workforce Management, which consists of mobileX-MIP and mobileX-Dispatch, has been certified by SAP.

Mobile Workforce Management consists of the products mobileX-MIP and mobileX-Dispatch and is used for optimisation of service and maintenance processes in field service.

With mobileX-MIP, companies can connect their "on site service“ and field service to the existing IT systems (such as ERP, databases, SAP-CRM, Navision, etc.) on mobile devices. Companies provide their field service employees with the newest service jobs, free of discontinuities in media, on a choice of devices, including laptops, tablet PCs or PDAs, and receive current service reports automatically and paper-free in the back office.

mobileX-Dispatch acts as a graphical planning and control tool for jobs and resources in combination with existing back-office systems (such as SAP ERP, Microsoft Navision, Remedy or databases).

Both products have now been tested and certified by SAP. Because of the certification, mobileX-MIP and mobileX-Dispatch can be integrated with SAP through a standardised interface. The interface software can be delivered as an add-on. The solution is thus delivered as a separate software component. mobileX customers benefit from the fact that there is now a separate SAP namespace for mobileX development objects, thus avoiding overlaps with customer-developed objects. When delivered as an add-on, there is still an option to easily install updates (support packages or upgrade packages) for mobileX software components.

Customers of mobileX AG include such names as ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge, Alfred Kärcher, Deutsche Post, WISAG, Melitta SystemService, STRABAG, MVV Energie AG, and others.

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