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Workforce Management für In- und Outsourcing

Service solutions for OEMs, service firms, call centres, and technicians. Service is an area that is subject to ever greater pressures. The objectives of increasing sales, decreasing costs, and improving customer satisfaction may at first appear to be in conflict. Service plays an important role in the company, and in many cases is even the key differentiating factor. But it is also highly cost-intensive, mostly driven by personnel costs. That is why many companies have contemplated outsourcing. Whatever scenario is used, whether insourcing or outsourcing, Mobile Workforce Management is a solution for reducing costs and increasing quality.

Mobile Workforce Management is a comprehensive solution for companies that provide services on-site. Both services performed by the company's own service technicians (insourcing) and those performed by external companies (outsourcing) are supported. Call centres can also be integrated with service management.
With the products mobileX-MIP and mobileX-Dispatch, service technicians and dispatching are integrated into the existing company IT structure.

With mobileX-MIP (Mobile Integration Platform), the service technician is connected with the company electronically. The technician receives all of the necessary information and documents for service assignments in real time. The technicians can access this data on their end device (PDA, laptop, tablet PC, etc.) and can directly enter their completion confirmations and the service report. This data is then immediately available in the back end of the system to office-based staff. This is enabled by the mobileX synchronisation engine, which allows you to work without limitations while off-line. Media discontinuities are eliminated and time-consuming paperwork and typing of forms is no longer necessary. Data quality improves, process lead times fall and service response times are shortened. This results in an improved quality of service that is experienced by the customer.

mobileX-Dispatch acts as a graphical planning and control tool for (service) jobs and resources in combination with existing back-office systems (SAP ERP, Navision, Remedy, Maximo etc.). The tool assists dispatchers in their daily work with multiple functions such as planning by "drag and drop,“ finding appointments, capa&aimp;shy;city overview, and map view. The optimisation takes into account the skills of service technicians, travel routes, priorities, and customer SLAs. The entire spectrum of the dispatching process is supported, from manual to fully automatic resource planning. This results in a more comprehensive and highly efficient dispatching process with optimised planning results

Mobile service jobs
With mobileX-MIP, your job data becomes mobile. Service technicians can access all data off-line, regardless of their location. As soon as a connection exists, data from a wide range of systems is automatically synchronised. In this way the service technician can update the database conveniently at any time:

  • Jobs and notifications
  • Customer master data, address information
  • Data on technical objects (such as equipment and plants)
  • History
  • Material storage and catalogue

Mobile confirmation
The service technicians enter the service report paper-free on their mobile devices. mobileX-MIP forms can be adapted to individual requirements and extended as needed:

  • Activity report (codes and/or user-defined text)
  • Time and material consumption
  • Travel data confirmations
  • Material reservations
  • Measurement data, test logs
  • Checklists
  • Notifications

Both the service technician (traceability requirement) and the customer (service­ confirmation) can electronically sign the report right on the mobile device. Transmission by fax or e-mail is also possible, so the customer receives verification of completed activities directly. At the press of a button, the mobile reports are transmitted to the main office and are posted or invoiced there automatically. Time-consuming post-processing of paper reports is thus avoided. In addition, documents are automatically stored in the document management system (DMS) as needed and are auditable. The data entered is also forwarded to the inventory management systems and is posted there as needed.

Mobile confirmation

  • Job search
  • Navigation system
  • Measurement data, test logs
  • Leave request
  • Inventory
  • News service

Graphical dispatching of jobs
Jobs are displayed in easy-to-read form for the dispatcher in the graphical planning table (Gantt chart). The dispatcher can assign jobs using "drag and drop“ (for example to workers, vehicles) or automatically create suggested assignments. Here the system considers such factors as resource availability, qualifications, and regional allocation.

  • Work queue (can be sorted and filtered)
  • Planning table in Gantt or list view
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly view
  • Support for different resource types (technician, vehicle, tool, etc.)
  • Planning of jobs using drag & drop
  • Generation of suggested dates
  • Automatic planning
  • Takes into account qualifications, travel routes, priorities, SLAs, start and finish dates

Overview of planning
The capacity overview shows the utilisation of the resources used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Bottlenecks are spotted at an early stage.

  • Convenient display of assignment status for each job
  • Utilisation overview
  • Extensive filtering options
  • Automatic notification when agreed-upon dates are missed (SLA)
  • Visualisation of skeleton times (SLAs)
  • Monitoring of legal requirements
  • Integrated map display (optional)
  • Automatic escalation by e-mail, SMS with time overruns

Optimised resource planning
mobileX-Dispatch actively advances the optimisation of resource planning, as for example through integrated route planning and skill matching. Route planning suggests route-optimised daily routes and shows the required travel time in the planning table. mobileX-Dispatch automatically reconciles the saved qualifications of service technicians with job requirements and suggests appropriate combinations (= skill matching).

Outsourcing – Service with external firms
Outsourcing – Service with external firmsIf you have partners that perform either part or all of services for you, they can also connect via mobile connection. With a separate profile, these companies only receive the relevant data. The confirmations are adapted to the relevant contractual scope. The resource planning solution (mobileX-Dispatch) can be used both by your own employees and by external firms (such as call centres). All dispatched service jobs are available to service partners on the Internet via the mobileX service portal. Systems used across structures provide a consistent image to customers, even with outsourcing.

The advantages of using Mobile Workforce Management for service can be summed up as follows:

  • Quicker and more flexible assignment options for technicians
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Involvement of service partners
  • Transparency in service planning and utilisation
  • Shorter lead times for service jobs to invoicing