Mobile metering solution for utilities

mobileX-MIP for Metering is the Android solution for mobile meter management: readers and technicians receive the essential order data of meter readings on their smartphone or tablet. The recorded values are reported directly into SAP IS-U. mobileX-MIP for Metering is suitable for utilities from ten meter readers.

Mobile metering solution for utilities



    Mobile order processing

    In addition to readings - via Bluetooth and Optotransceiver - mobileX-MIP for Metering provides the technician with many other functions, such as periodic replacement, new installation, dismantling, disabling, collection and unblocking. Various user groups, such as technicians or readers can be managed with this tool centrally.


    Access to backend-systems

    Whether reading, meter replacement or troubleshooting, the technician has locally and offline access to all relevant data from SAP IS-U or PM such as customer data, device information or notifications. The reader enters the technical feedback reports on site. mobileX-MIP transmits the data then to SAP IS-U or PM.


    Record unplanned orders on site

    The service engineer can also record activities performed at the site without prior assignment using an unplanned order. This may be necessary when additional feedback is obtained over and above the scheduled activities, for instance relating to an unexpected fault repair.


    Quality as you type

    Readings (e.g. high/low tariff) are subjected to plausibility testing directly upon data entry. The test criteria are taken from SAP IS-U and transferred to the mobile device during data input.


    Mobile use of static reading advice

    Meter readers can input special information at the site in the form of static reading advice for colleagues. This is done by compiling the required text modules from a list. It may be a warning about a vicious dog or information on how to access a reader, including caretaker contact data.


    Smart Meter Rollout

    mobileX-MIP for Metering supports network operators also when introducing the new digital measuring systems. The gradual mass installation of smart meters and the operation of existing systems can be handled in time with mobileX-MIP for Metering with the own forces and contractors.

  • Test mobileX-MIP for Metering now!

    User acceptance is key for the introduction of a mobile solution. That's why we offer you to test mobileX-MIP for Metering with your key users. Because we want you to be totally convinced of the full functionality and usability of our standard software before you decide.




    Increased customer satisfaction 

    More meter readings and higher punctuality enhance the service quality and thereby increase customer satisfaction.


    Better data quality

    The validation of texts in data entry on site and the avoidance of media breaks through the direct transfer into backend systems contribute to a much higher quality of service reports, feedback and forms.


    Increased productivity

    Through mobile access to customer history, object data and notifications queries by phone can be avoided as well as second journeys.


    More efficient processes

    The seamless integration of digital order processing in resource planning and back-end systems in the company contributes to an interdepartmental optimization of the entire metering process.

Technical specifications

  • Backend-systems

    mobileX-MIP for Metering can be easily integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. These are often SAP IS-U and SAP PM but also systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.

  • Interfaces

    mobileX-MIP for Metering can either be integrated natively in SAP through our certified SAP add-on, an MS SQL or Oracle database or via web services in other backend systems. We also cooperate with partners when it comes to creating new interfaces for new processes.

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  • Scalability and adaptability

    mobileX-MIP for Metering is a standard software that adapts to your individual requirements. The modular design of the solution offers the opportunity to closely track your use cases and mobile processes. If changes in your corporate structure or your processes occur, mobileX-MIP for Metering adapts flexibly.

  • Free choice of devices 

    mobileX-MIP for Metering currently only supports Android. Whether smartphone or tablet - ruggedized or business - our mobile solution adapts to your hardware.

  • Integration of third party applications

    mobileX-MIP for Metering enables easy integration of third party applications such as image recognition software for document photos of meter readings or subcontractors. Our extensive partner network expands and complements our portfolio of solutions to best reflect your service process.

  • On request we can send you our system requirements or architecture.