Mobile maintenance solution for utilities

mobileX-MIP for Field Service is a mobile software solution for maintenance and network expansion by utilities. Technicians get their jobs on their mobile device. They can access job data in backend systems, create their feedback reports and forward for further processing to the back-office.



    Mobile order processing

    With mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the technician receives orders directly on the mobile device. Even in dead zones it retains all the information such as messages, documents or usage history. The mobile solution automatically synchronizes application data and technical feedback to the backend system.


    Intelligent form solution

    With the Dynamic Forms1 extension, network operators / utilities can replace large numbers of existing paper forms with a digital version. The range of possible applications is extensive, including:

    • Legally mandated forms
    • Entry of the system status to be used for status-oriented maintenance
    • Service logs

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service not only creates the electronic version as a PDF document (including signature), it also forwards all data to the back office (such as measurement documents for the technical object in SAP PM).

    More on dynamic forms
    1 Optional extension to mobileX-MIP for Field Service


    View system structures on mobile devices

    Using mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the technician can access the system structure while off-line (such as technical objects from SAP PM). For each device (such as equipment / technical location from SAP PM) the mobile solution shows the master data and additional data (such as classification from SAP). 


    Quality as you type

    Data collected such as measurement documents are verified directly for their plausibility when entering. The criteria for this are transferred from SAP PM or SAP CS to the mobile device and used for validation.


    Condition-based maintenance

    With mobileX-MIP for Field Service, the technician enters the system status on-site. The data is then returned to the back end (such as SAP PM measurement documents) so that subsequent processes (such as extension of maintenance cycles) can be initiated. mobileX-MIP for Field Service supplies all necessary status data for condition-based maintenance.


    Controlled data reconciliation: mobileX release monitor

    The mobileX release monitor3 allows supervisors to check the incoming job completion confirmations from technicians before posting them in SAP. The release monitor separates out the incoming completion confirmations for manual checks using defined criteria. This saves office-based staff from having to make time-consuming reverse postings in SAP.

    3Optional extension to mobileX-MIP for Field Service. Currently only SAP is supported

  • Doubleplay with mobileX-CrossMIP

    Use your smartphone and laptop: For changing your status quickly, navigating to the location or taking photos you can use our service app for your smartphone.

    For longer reports or for connecting to a machine you can change any time to the laptop version of the mobile client. The captured data and feedbacks are synchronized via the server between the devices and are available on both platforms.

    Learn more about our service app




    User friendliness

    The intuitive interface, touch capabilities on tablets and text modules facilitate mobile order processing and the creation of feedback reports.


    Better data quality

    The validation of texts in data entry and avoiding media breaks contribute to a substantially higher quality of technical feedback reports and forms.


    Increased productivity

    Through the mobile access to the plant structure, usage history and master data inquiries by telephone and second journeys can be avoided.


    More efficient processes

    The seamless integration of digital order processing in resource planning and backend systems in the company contributes to an interdepartmental optimization of entire processes in network operation.

Technical specifications

  • Backend systems

    mobileX MIP for Field Service can be easily integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. These are often SAP CS, SAP PM and SAP CRM - but also systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.

  • Interfaces

    mobileX MIP for Field Service can either be integrated natively in SAP through our certified SAP add-on, an MS SQL or Oracle database or via web services in other backend systems. We also cooperate with partners when it comes to creating new interfaces for new processes.

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  • Scalability and adaptability

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service is a standard software that adapts to your individual requirements. The modular design of the solution offers the opportunity to closely track your use cases and mobile processes. If changes in your corporate structure or your processes occur, mobileX-MIP for Field Service adapts flexibly.

  • Free choice of devices and operating systems

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP support Android, Windows and iOS. So you are completely flexible when choosing your mobile devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or laptop - ruggedized or business - our mobile solution adapts to your hardware. The simultaneous use of two mobile devices - double play - for status update and text input is possible.

  • Integration of third party applications

    mobileX-MIP for Field Service enables easy integration of third party applications such as knowledge management systems, spare parts catalogs or subcontractors. Our extensive partner network expands and complements our portfolio of solutions to best reflect your service process.

  • On request we can send you our system requirements or architecture.