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Maintenance app

With our maintenance app mobileX-CrossMIP, companies handle their mobile maintenance much more efficiently and, above all, paperlessly. Both planned maintenance and unplanned malfunctions can be processed efficiently with the mobile solution. The maintenance technician documents his working hours, fills out checklists for maintenance, checks the material stock in the warehouse and reports back the status of the operation digitally in real time.

Main features of our maintenance app mobileX-CrossMIP


Order processing

mobileX-CrossMIP is the central documentation and information tool of the maintenance staff. Via this, he receives all messages with detailed information such as the plant history from the leading ERP system. The change of the order status provides the dispatcher or maintenance planner with transparency about the orders in real time. Automatic time recording can take place via the status change.


Creating a notification

To create a new notification to record a malfunction, the production employee or maintenance technician selects the technical object (equipment or functional location) using a tree search or barcode scanner. He either enters the text for the description manually or dictates it by voice input. For documentation purposes, they can also take photos and mark them using redlining.


Feedback and checklists

After maintenance or fault clearance of a system, the maintenance technician records the scope and content of the work performed. To do this, he records times, materials and texts in the maintenance app. They can also attach documents such as photos to their feedback. For digital checklists, forms and inspection records, two optional modules for audit-proof processing and documentation are available for mobileX-CrossMIP as PDF Forms and mobileX-CrossForms.


Material logistics

The maintenance staff can use mobileX-CrossMIP to view the various warehouses and the available stock, search for material, reserve material and document consumption. The material search can be done by text, serial number or barcode scan.


Order pool and local orders

In the app's so-called order pool, the maintenance technician sees orders that have not yet been assigned to a colleague. If he has time, he can reserve the job or take it over directly. If they themselves discover a need for maintenance or fault clearance on a system, they can create a local job and process it immediately and record the corresponding feedback.


Time recording

mobileX-CrossMIP automatically records the order-related and non-order-related working times of the maintenance staff in a daily report. Among other things, a "time clock mode" with start and end of day is available. In addition, extensive rules can be defined for seamless time recording. A dashboard shows the maintenance staff how many hours they have worked per day, week or month.

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Benefits of our maintenance app mobileX-CrossMIP


Improved data quality

Digitally capturing data on-site at the plant increases data quality and forms the basis for optimal maintenance planning, maximum machine service life and higher profitability.


Productivity increase

Mobile access to plant data through the maintenance app provides valuable information to the maintenance staff (e.g. through the maintenance history) and thus contributes to faster problem solving and maintenance of plants. This improves employee utilization and productivity.


Higher plant availability

More efficient order processing with the app for maintenance shortens downtimes for maintenance, inspections and repairs of plants and machines. This increases plant availability and ensures maximum productivity.


More efficient maintenance processes

End-to-end digitization of mobile maintenance, from order creation to documentation and audit-proof archiving, accelerates and optimizes the entire maintenance process and reduces the workload of employees.


Olympus OSTE

Read how Olympus OSTE has significantly increased maintenance by implementing mobileX-CrossMIP.



Read about the goals ebm-papst is pursuing with the introduction of mobileX-CrossMIP for maintenance. .

Technical specifications

App distribution

A functioning enterprise app distribution for the respective platform is a prerequisite. We recommend the use of a "mobile device management" system for the administration of mobile devices and app distribution.

End devices and operating systems

mobileX-CrossMIP supports iOS from version 13.x, Android from version 9.x und Windows 10 from version 1904. This gives you complete flexibility in your choice of smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Backend systems

mobileX-CrossMIP can be easily integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. These are often SAP CS, SAP PM or SAP CRM - but also systems such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.


Communication with the mobileX MIP server takes place via HTTPS. Authentication takes place via a token-based procedure. A possibility to encrypt the database as well as a "local" locking of the application are planned.


mobileX-CrossMIP is available on-premise or as a SaaS solution via the mobileX-ServiceCloud.

We will be happy to send you our system requirements or architecture on request.


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