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Field service management for companies in the facility management sector

The facility management market is characterized by high cost pressure and competition. Therefore, it is important in this industry to reduce operating costs as much as possible. Efficient planning of service assignments with route optimisation can help in this respect.

The range of service assignments in the real estate services sector extends from technical and infrastructural facility management to industrial services and real estate management. The properties to be serviced include residential and commercial properties on the one hand and industrial parks on the other. Accordingly, the assignments that the service technicians perform in this area on a daily basis are very varied. They range from replacing light bulbs to maintaining outdoor facilities and air conditioning systems. This is why the selection of the right service technician is particularly important. A resource planning tool supports the scheduler in this respect.

In most cases, the assignments are shorter, so that one technician can complete several jobs per day. For this reason, precise resource planning is important in order to achieve the most efficient utilization of the technicians.

For smaller players that do not offer the full range of services, it is important to ensure seamless communication and order processing with subcontractors. On the one hand, this should provide the client with optimum transparency regarding the status of the contracts awarded. On the other hand, the contractor can provide better and faster customer service through more information.

Industry experience

The Field Service Management solutions of mobileX are used by medium-sized and large companies in the field of facility management from 50 resources. Here you will find an overview of the most important industries of our customers.

Technical facility management

Infrastructural Facility Management

Industrial Services

Selection of our references in the facility management sector

Our field service management solutions

Software for resource planning


  • Optimised resource planning
  • Graphic job planning
  • Skill matching
  • Map view
  • Integration of subcontractors

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Mobile solutions for service and maintenance


  • Job data, including history, documents, device hierarchy, etc.
  • Time and material confirmation
  • Checklists and service reports
  • Integrated offboard navigation
  • Mobile capture of travel expenses

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