Corporate philosophy

Our company culture allows our employees to create a working environment, which complies with their personal goals in life and with their individual Work Life Balance. This includes the opportunity to work from home or in several part-time schemes.

„I really appreciate our working atmosphere. Also in stressful times colleagues treat each other with respect. New colleages are welcomed cordially and introduced into the mobileX AG world.“

Manuela Lillich, Office Manager

Our team consists of different characters, which are all connected by a common value system. We are very proud of the respectful and trusting atmosphere in our company. This shows in the daily work or in company events such as barcecues, summer parties or film nights.

Aa a young and expanding company we work in flexible structures. According to the project requirements the teams consist of experts for certain industries and technologies, in order to create the ideal knowledge base for the customer or the product. Short communication channels, simple processes and flat hierarchies promote the motivation of our colleagues.

Our culture of open criticism is an elementary part of our company philosophy. This is based on respectful and constructive feedback.

Self-determined work and the opportunity to continue to grow, take over new tasks, change teams, are more reasons for our low fluctuation.

Some quotes from our colleagues:

I have been with mobileX AG since 2007 and I appreciate the pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere, where you can always speak out. Changing from the server to the SAP team and from the project to the product team I was able to continously grow my competences.

mobileX AG offers different part-time working schemes and supports the work life balance of all employees. I work 20 hours a week which allows me to better accommodate the needs of work and home.

What I appreciate at mobileX AG are the flat hierarchies and the dynamics of the company. Our team consists of a balanced mix of experienced and younger colleages.

At mobileX AG we work with a broad range of businesses: from mid-sized specialist suppliers to world leading corporations. To configure the most suitable solution for theses businesses is always varied and exciting.

As a developer at mobileX AG you have a great impact on your remit and you are largely able to determine your working rhythm. If you are interested in another area or another technology (client vs. server vs. SAP; C# vs. Java vs. JavaScript), you can also change teams most of the time.

The continuous growth of mobileX AG offers an exciting working environment to grow your capacities and to take on new challenges. In our projects we get interesting insights into the processes of businesses of all kinds. Working with colleagues and customers is is always based on partnership.