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More and more companies from the mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, energy supply, facility management, IT and telecommunications sectors are using subcontractors for technical services. The reasons for this are a lack of internal capacities - due to a shortage of skilled workers or illness, seasonal fluctuations in the order situation, the coverage of certain regions or countries or even special qualifications. Cooperation and communication with subcontractors is often difficult, since the order is usually placed by telephone or e-mail and details of the order or customer are often missing.

mobileX-SubConnect seamlessly integrates subcontractors into the digital service processes of companies

mobileX-SubConnect is a web-based solution for resource planning and mobile order processing, with which subcontractors can be easily integrated into the service processes of companies. With mobileX-SubConnect, dispatchers can schedule new orders to subcontractors as easily as to their own resources. At the same time, they always have an overview of when the subcontractor scheduled the order for his employees and when it was completed. mobileX-SubConnect thus supports companies in avoiding media disruptions and in the end-to-end digitalization of service processes.

Order list in mobileX-SubConnect

For dispatchers and technicians of subcontractors

mobileX-SubConnect can be used in any browser and on any stationary or mobile device. The AddOn can be integrated into any software for resource planning, such as mobileX-Dispatch. If the dispatcher of the service organization places a new order with the subcontractor dispatcher, he can accept or reject it, depending on whether he has the appropriate capacities and qualified resources. He can display the orders in different views as a list and filter and sort them according to certain criteria.

When the subcontractor dispatcher accepts an order, he then makes an appointment with the customer and schedules one of his technicians for the order. The technician also receives the order via mobileX-SubConnect, together with the order details and customer data. Thus he can drive to the customer optimally prepared. Once he has completed the order, he sets the status of the order to Complete, so that both his dispatcher and the customer are informed that the order has been successfully completed. The technician can also read or add notes to the order.

Features of mobileX-SubConnect at a glance


  • Planning of orders on subcontractors
  • Transmission of order details and customer data to subcontractors
  • Monitoring of contracts awarded
  • Acquisition and reading of notes


  • Acceptance/rejection, filtering and sorting of orders
  • Status change
  • Capture and send documents and photos
  • Acquisition and reading of notes

Advantages of mobileX-SubConnect 

  • More transparency for the client
  • Consistent, digital service processes
  • Simple and fast scheduling of subcontractors
  • All information on the order for the subcontractor
  • Faster and better customer service
  • Web-based, suitable for all end devices

Selection of a suitable technician

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