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The products of mobileX AG offer a SAP ERP certified interface for SAP CS/PM, MM and IS-U. This software component is available as a so-called SAP ERP Add-On. Via this interface the products of mobileX AG - the mobile solution mobileX-MIP for Field Service and the graphic dispatching tool mobileX-Dispatch – can be seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP.

The SAP ERP Add-On supports all important use cases for field service management. It allows to track changes of orders, notifications, and material orders and it is easily upgradeable by business add-ins and interfaces. The implementation of the interface in a dedicated namespace can be guaranteed by a clear separation from customized developments. The behaviour of different interfaces can be partly customized directly in SAP. The possibilities for this will be enhanced in future releases.

One interface for (nearly) all use cases

Track changes for push transfer

The mobile SAP ERP Add-On offers a push transfer in order to push changes of different objects to the mobileX-MIP Server, to mobileX-Dispatch, and to the mobile clients. In the standard version orders, notifications, and material orders can be tracked like this. Other objects will be integrated in the future.

Read and edit basic data

The interface allows to read and write comprehensive basic data. This goes from long texts, classifications and characteristics to documents. On top of that it allows to access contacts (partners), addresses, codes including reporting schemes with configurable behaviours as well as the factory calendar for mobileX-Dispatch.

Resources and qualifications

Via the SAP ERP Add-On staff master data about teams and technicians as well as data about vehicles and production tools can be accessed. The respective qualifications and contact data are also available. On top of that the available times for the display and use in mobileX-Dispatch and mobileX-MIP come from there. This allows a more efficient dispatching and a better customer service. The interface in the SAP HR system is highly configurable and can be easily expanded with interfaces.

Integration of customer service and maintenance

With the integration of the SAP ERP Add-On with SAP CS and PM numerable uses cases can be covered for both service and maintenance.

This includes the reading of orders including operations and numerous other order related data (object lists, components, partners, etc.), the writing of material and time confirmations and of long texts. The reading and writing of notifications (including positions, tasks, causes and actions) is also completely integrated via the interface.

Technical object structures (functional locations and equipments), including measurement reading entry lists, measurement points and values can be read in configurable hierarchy levels. On top of that we also offer interfaces for the maintenance of the object structure and for the installation and dismantling of equipment.

Integration of materials management

Materials management (MM) can also be integrated via the SAP interface: for reading the material master or stock, or for reading and editing the orders as BANF or transport order. The materials consumption from the stock or from reservations as well as for the installation and dismantling of equipment is integrated, too. This allows a much more efficient materials management, as the technicians can maintain the stock of their vehicle storage and place orders from the road.

Integration of industry solution for utilities

The SAP Add-On can also be integrated with SAP IS-U. With this utilities’ specific data for metering, operations and maintenance can be integrated and used efficiently across all divisions. Next to receiving meter readings, reading meters via PM orders this also includes disconnecting and reconnecting meters as well as exchanging meters.

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