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Mobile solutions for customer service and maintenance

mobileX-MIP for Field Service and mobileX-CrossMIP are mobile solutions for technicians in service and maintenance. Via the software and app, employees receive their order data on their mobile device. On site they create their confirmations, service reports and forms and transmit them directly to the head office. 

Main Features of mobileX-CrossMIP


Mobile order processing

With mobileX-CrossMIP all the necessary data about the order processing are available for the service technician on his mobile device - also in dead zones. Via a flexible navigation component he gets fast access to his orders at any time and can easily switch between different lists and modules.


Simple status change

Whether in the job list, or in the details - the technician can change his status with just a few gestures at any time. Depending on the current status the relevant informations can be highlighted so that the most important data are also visible on smaller displays at a glance. Via the status change automatic timing ("start-stop functionality") can be integrated as well.


Service reports and forms

During his work the technician reports time, material and text. Documents such as photos, service reports and PDF forms with signatures can also be created with it. To map digital forms in mobileX-CrossMIP, mobileX offers two options.


Material logistics

mobileX-CrossMIP also offers functions around material logistics. This includes both the display of the own warehouse as well as the consumption from this. This is then registered via the mobileX-MIP server in the back office system. If there are minimum stocks maintained, there will be an automatical re-order for the vehicle inventory.


Pool scheduling and local orders

With pool scheduling (self-disposition), a technician who is currently near a site and has time for an order can either reserve the order for himself or take it over directly. He then contacts the customer to arrange an appointment with him. The technician can also create local orders without reference to an existing order and then enter confirmations including a service report for the order. 


Daily reports

With the daily report, users can record both order-related and non-order-related working times, such as training or internal meetings. There are three basic ways in which technicians can record their times. The dashboard for time confirmations shows the technician the hours worked on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Times that have not been posted are also displayed.

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Increased customer satisfaction

A more efficient troubleshooting, higher punctuality and an improved ability to provide information for customers enhance the service quality and thereby increase customer satisfaction.


Better data quality

The validation of texts in data entry on site and the avoidance of media breaks through the direct transfer into backend systems contribute to a much higher quality of service reports, feedback and forms.


Increased productivity

Through mobile access to customer history, object data and material logistics queries by phone can be avoided as well as second journeys.


More efficient service processes

The seamless integration of digital order processing in resource planning and back-end systems in the company contributes to an interdepartmental optimization of the entire service process.

mobileX-MIP for Field Service

In addition to our App mobileX-CrossMIP for Smartphones and Tablets, mobileX-MIP for Field Service is our mature, mobile solution for order processing on laptops for technicians in technical service and maintenance.

Technical specifications

App distribution

A functioning enterprise app distribution for the respective platform is a prerequisite. We recommend the use of a "mobile device management" system for the administration of mobile devices and app distribution.

Mobile devices and operating systems

mobileX-CrossMIP supports iOS from version 13.x, Android from version 9.x und Windows 10 from version 1904 This way, you are completely flexible when choosing your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Backend systems

mobileX-CrossMIP can easily be integrated into the existing interfaces of your leading systems. Usually, these are SAP CS, SAP PM and SAP CRM – but it can also be another system such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or proprietary applications.


The communication with the mobileX-MIP server is performed via HTTPS. The authentication is handled through a token-based method. Encryption of the the database and a "local" blocking of the application are planned.


mobileX-CrossMIP is available on-premise or SaaS solution through the mobileX ServiceCloud.

We will be happy to send you our system requirements or architecture on request.


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