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Maintenance software to digitize your processes

Order planning with Excel lists and order processing with paper were yesterday! The digitization of maintenance processes eliminates media discontinuities and error-prone, manual data transfers. The benefits that software can bring to maintenance quickly become apparent: higher plant availability, more transparent and efficient maintenance processes, and higher data quality.


More efficient maintenance processes

Our solutions accelerate maintenance processes and make them more transparent and audit-proof. Maintenance planners always have an overview of the maintenance orders and the workload of the maintenance staff.


Higher plant availability

More efficient processes shorten downtimes for maintenance, inspections and repairs of plant and machinery. This increases plant availability and ensures maximum productivity.


Better data quality

The digital capture of data at the plant increases data quality and forms the basis for optimal maintenance planning, maximum machine service life and higher profitability.

Our maintenance software consists of two components:


mobileX-Dispatch is the proven solution for order planning in maintenance. With it, dispatchers or maintenance planners plan the maintenance and servicing of machines as well as repairs. With our software they can

  • plan maintenance (by drag-and-drop, semi-automatic, fully automatic)
  • maintain an overview (of resources, orders, malfunctions)
  • react quickly (in case of equipment or employee failures, system warnings, exceeding the workload)

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mobileX-CrossMIP is the intuitive app for mobile maintenance, with which maintenance staff can process their orders digitally. Via their smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Windows), they can use it to

  • get information (order details, message, history, object list)
  • report back (status, time, material, checklists, daily reports)
  • get support (spare parts catalogs, augmented reality, knowledge management, remote video)

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Our proven maintenance solutions can be used on-premise in the company or conveniently as a cloud solution with maximum availability. Integration into the leading backend systems (SAP PM or others) of companies takes place via dedicated interfaces or web services. In doing so, we adapt our solutions to the individual maintenance and business processes and use cases of companies.

Our maintenance software in companies

The mobileX maintenance software is particularly suitable for companies from the plant and mechanical engineering, production, energy supply, medical technology, facility management, IT and telecommunications industries.
Typical users of our reliable solutions are medium-sized companies and large corporations with at least 20 mobile maintenance employees. These can be in-house maintenance staff or external forces.
Companies use our maintenance software on a regional and national level (energy suppliers) as well as worldwide (international corporations).

The most important features of our maintenance software


Order planning software

Our proven order planning software mobileX-Dispatch makes it easier for dispatchers and maintenance planners to plan maintenance, commissioning and repairs. The most important features of mobileX-Dispatch include:

  • Clear planning cockpit (Gantt chart)
  • Planning of maintenance, inspections and revisions
  • Planning of repairs
  • Scheduling of operations taking qualifications into account
  • Automatic planning
  • Pool planning


App for mobile maintenance

With our intuitive mobile maintenance app mobileX-CrossMIP, maintenance staff are always up to date with their laptop, tablet or smartphone and record all important data directly on site. Key features of mobileX-CrossMIP include:

  • Access to backend systems (plant history, details).
  • Creation of fault messages
  • Maintenance of master data
  • Status change
  • Feedback with damage images and redlining
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Material logistics and picking
  • Checklists and forms
  • Time recording

Advantages of our maintenance software

Our sophisticated order planning and mobile maintenance solutions optimize corporate maintenance processes for everyone involved.

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Advantages for maintenance managers

  • More efficient maintenance processes
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Higher plant availability
  • Increased service life of plant and machinery
  • More transparency about maintenance processes
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Improved occupational safety

Advantages for dispatchers / maintenance planners

  • More efficient planning of maintenance, inspections and repairs
  • More transparency about resources and assets
  • Fast rescheduling in the event of staff absences
  • Fast response in the event of equipment malfunctions

Advantages for maintenance staff

  • Maximum information about plants and machines
  • More efficient processing of orders
  • Avoidance of manual rework and data transfer
  • Offline capable processing